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The color of a bird’s plumage is critical for many reasons. Birders frequently use color and markings to identify a bird, and birds have excellent color vision that helps them select a mate or repel an intruder. Brighter plumage is often signals strength and good health, and many birds complete annual molts prior to the breeding season to refresh the color of their plumage in the hopes of attracting the most desirable mate.

Of all colors, red is one of the most vibrant and easily seen shades, and there are many beautiful red birds throughout the world. The dozen species represented here are the reddest, most colorful birds on the globe, and each one would be a colorful addition to any birder’s life list.

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Northern CardinalNorthern CardinalVermilion FlycatcherVermilion FlycatcherSummer TanagerSummer TanagerScarlet IbisScarlet Ibis
Crimson RosellaCrimson RosellaCrimson SunbirdCrimson SunbirdScarlet MacawScarlet MacawPine GrosbeakPine Grosbeak
Red-Billed FirefinchRed-Billed FirefinchPainted BuntingPainted BuntingCassin's FinchCassin's FinchRed-Headed WoodpeckerRed-Headed Woodpecker
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