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Get Started Feeding Birds

Birds At the Feeder

Spring is the perfect time to get started feeding birds, as migrants return but food sources aren't as prevalent quite yet. Spring feeding can attract a wide range of beautiful species and helps parent birds nurture their young, so get started today!

Tips for Bird Feeding:
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Spring Photo Finalists

Thursday April 24, 2014

Even if spring isn't as far along as you'd like in your area, you'll get a great dose of spring with this month's "Seeking Spring" photo contest. A total of 10 talented photographers submitted 18 amazing entries covering a wide range of spring birds, behaviors and scenes. It was a challenge to narrow down the entries, but three truly stood out...

  • Hummingbird7869 - Blooming Goldfinch
  • LARogers - Just Ducky
  • Trishe01 - Nesting Acrobatics

Check out the finalists in the forum, and vote in the poll below to help choose this month's winner. Voting will continue through the end of the month, and the winner will be announced in early May.

Want to see even more spring birds? Learn where to find spring birds and get out there!

Bird of the Week: Lark Sparrow

Thursday April 24, 2014

This week's featured bird is a highly desirable member of the sparrow family - while most sparrows are considered relatively drab, the lark sparrow has a distinctive facial pattern and beautiful song that make it a wonderful addition to any birder's life list.

Have you seen the lark sparrow? Share your sightings in the comments!

Lark Sparrow
Photo Joan Gellatly

Eagle Incubates Duck Egg

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Some birds are known for laying their eggs in other species' nests, but no birds are deliberately brood parasites of bald eagle nests. In an unusual set of circumstances, however, a duck egg has ended up in an eagle nest, and the raptors are incubating it. According to Fox 9 News, a female duck was prey for the eagles, but an egg she hadn't laid was revealed after her demise. The egg survived intact, and the eagles are now incubating the duck egg.

It's unlikely the egg will hatch successfully, nor would the duckling's odds be good if it did. Nevertheless, this may be one of the most unusual cases of mistaken nest identity recorded, even outdoing the common loon that attempted to hatch a rock last year.

Have you seen any unusual nesting behavior yet this spring? Share your sightings in the comments!

Bald Eagle Nest
Photo Tim Kaufman / USFWS

Earth Day Birding Tips

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to enjoy the wonderful natural resources of our planet, and birds are one of those amazing resources. But it's also a day to protect those resources, and there are many ways birders can help protect the planet that nurtures the birds they love.

How do you protect the planet even while you enjoy the birds on it? Share your tips in the comments!

Photo woodleywonderworks

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