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Get Started Feeding Birds

Birds At the Feeder

Spring is the perfect time to get started feeding birds, as migrants return but food sources aren't as prevalent quite yet. Spring feeding can attract a wide range of beautiful species and helps parent birds nurture their young, so get started today!

Tips for Bird Feeding:
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Goose Patrol on Land and Sea

Friday April 18, 2014

Canada geese are a problem in many urban and suburban areas where their populations can be considered a nuisance. In Ohio, however, Ohio Geese Control is using multiple techniques not just on land, but also on the water to encourage geese to move away. According to Fox8.com, the 10-year-old company uses trained dogs, radio-controlled boats, false eggs and other techniques to discourage the sometimes aggressive waterfowl with great success. All of the company's tactics are humane, tricking the birds into believing the area is unsafe so they will seek a different territory, but never harming the birds.

Many areas cull undesirable birds, and backyard birders use a variety of techniques to discourage bully birds from their feeders. How do you remove unwanted birds without harming them? Share your techniques in the comments!

Canada Goose
Photo dee2018

Bird of the Week: Black-Billed Magpie

Thursday April 17, 2014

This week's featured one is a species I always enjoy - the black-billed magpie is the ultimate jokester, robbing other birds and raising a ruckus. They're also beautiful and are one of only four birds in North America with a tail longer than its body - a clear field mark that makes them easy to identify.

Is the black-billed magpie on your life list? Share your sightings of this corvid in the comments!

Black-Billed Magpie
Photo Larry Lamsa

A Twitching Hoax

Wednesday April 16, 2014

The savannah sparrow is a relatively bird in North America, but only makes rare appearances as a vagrant bird in Europe. One such sighting was reported last month in England, but was quickly determined to be a hoax. According to the Worthing Herald, the hoax was discovered because a photo showed the bird on a type of barbed wire never used in the United Kingdom, and the local birding community is at a loss to understand why a fellow birder would perpetrate such a hoax.

Most birders reliably follow rare bird ethics that include being certain of a bird's identity before reporting it to the appropriate authorities. While mistakes do happen, conscientious birders will not spread the word about a rare sighting until it can be properly verified, and only if it is certain that the bird will not be stressed by the instant celebrity that comes from being a rarity.

Savannah Sparrow
Photo Caleb Putnam

April's Featured Feeder

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Today may be Tax Day, but every day is a day to pay your backyard birds - with seed. This month, you might want to spend a bit of your tax refund for a big payout in backyard birds with the Eco-Strong Mesh Feeder from Duncraft, our featured feeder for April. A sturdy and attractive feeder in a spring green shade, the open mesh design offers easy treats for a whole flock of birds of all shapes and sizes.

Looking for other feeders to add to your backyard buffet? Check out all the bird feeder reviews, and just in case your tax refund may not be as big as you'd like, learn how to find cheap birdseed at the same time so you can always keep the feeders full!

Eco-Strong Mesh Feeder
Photo Duncraft

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