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State Birds


Each of the 50 states has an officially designated state bird, often chosen because of its beauty, uniqueness to the state or significance to state history. These symbolically chosen birds are often used on flags, statues and other items, and they are popular choices for professional sports teams and school mascots.

In addition to one official state bird, several states have designated an official game bird: the wild turkey is the most popular choice. Mississippi is the only state to have an official state waterfowl, the wood duck.

While most of the state birds listed below have been the symbols of their respective states for decades, there are occasional suggestions to change state birds, most often in favor of selecting a more unique bird. The northern cardinal, for example, is the most popular state bird with seven states, followed by the western meadowlark in six states and the northern mockingbird in five.

List of State Birds

Names in parentheses are alternative common names for the same bird species.

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