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Birding Glossary

Being familiar with common birding terms and their definitions will help you enjoy birding with ease and expertise. This collection of terms is continuously updated to provide a valuable reference for both beginning and advanced birders. Here you can look up specific birding terms alphabetically, or check out the related vocabulary lists below for collections of terms relating to your favorite birds.
  1. Bird Vocabulary - A-B (35)
  2. Bird Vocabulary - C-D (43)
  3. Bird Vocabulary - E-G (40)
  4. Bird Vocabulary - H-K (21)
  5. Bird Vocabulary - L-M (24)
  6. Bird Vocabulary - N-O (19)
  7. Bird Vocabulary - P-R (38)
  8. Bird Vocabulary - S-T (42)
  9. Bird Vocabulary - U-Z (14)

Names of Baby Birds
Learn the fun and unique names for baby birds and learn tips for what to do when you see a squab, chick, hatchling, colt, peep, eyas and more.

Names of Groups of Birds
List of collective nouns for different groups of birds.

Baby Bird Glossary
All parents know that babies have a glossary all their own, and baby birds are no different. By understanding these basic terms related to baby wild birds, it is easier to identify them and to care for them appropriately.

Hummingbird Vocabulary
A list of bird glossary terms that apply specifically to hummingbirds, with hummingbird-related descriptions and links to more extensive definitions.

Owl Vocabulary
Owls have a language all their own! Learn these words about owls and improve your owl vocabulary so you can better understand and appreciate these unique birds.

Penguin Vocabulary
You can recognize a penguin's walk, but can you talk a penguin's talk? These vocab words about penguins can help!

Raptor Vocabulary

Experienced birders will often use special terms when referring to birds of prey, and understanding this raptor vocabulary is essential to fully appreciating these magnificent birds.

Vulture Vocabulary
Learn the language of vultures with these 12 vocabulary terms, with definitions related directly to these birds of prey. Includes links to more information for each word.

Wild Turkey Vocabulary
Can you talk turkey? These 12 wild turkey vocabulary terms will help you learn to gobble like a pro!

Why You Should Learn Bird Scientific Names
Why do scientific names matter for birds? Learn what a scientific name can tell you about the bird and why it is important for birders to be familiar with birds' scientific names.

Bird in Different Languages
Birds travel internationally and can always communicate, but if you go to a foreign country, can you speak the language? Learn how to say "bird" in 30 different languages, and use these tips for birding when you can't speak the official language.

How Birds Get Their Names
Learn how birds get their names and how those names can help with bird identification and give you more trivia about the species.

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