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Bird Houses and Nests

Adding a bird house to your backyard can turn it into a nestling nursery, but to do so you need to know how to build or buy the best bird houses for your local flocks and how to place, clean and care for their homes. This information can help your yard become a busy bird hotel for all types of birds, including birds that nest in houses as well as species that construct their nests elsewhere.
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Get Started With Bird Houses
If you've never put up a bird house, this is the place to start. These tips can help you choose the best bird house, use it properly and make it more attractive to your backyard birds.

Birds That Use Bird Houses
A list of bird species that use bird houses or nest boxes in North American and Europe, including tips for how to attract birds to bird houses.

Top 10 Bird House Problems
Do you have problems attracting birds to your bird houses? If you're making one of these mistakes, it's easy to correct and make your bird houses more attractive to nesting birds.

Make a Safer Birdhouse
Twelve tips for safe and attractive birdhouses.

Protecting Bird Houses From Predators
Predators are a great risk to bird houses, but these tips can help you easily minimize the threat to birds that use your bird houses.

When Is the Best Time to Put Up Bird Houses?
There is never a bad time to put up bird houses, but knowing when the best times are can help backyard birders attract more nesting birds.

Mounting a Bird House
Even the best bird house isn't attractive to birds if it isn't mounted properly. Learn the best heights to mount houses for different birds and other tips about where to best put a bird house.

Adding Nesting Material to Bird Houses
If you're tempted to add nesting material to bird houses to make them more attractive to nesting birds, you might want to think twice - not all birds will appreciate it. Learn which birds don't mind, and what other nesting materials you can offer to encourage birds to use your bird houses.

Dryer Lint as Nesting Material
Dryer lint is soft, warm and fuzzy, but it's also a grave threat to nesting birds. Learn why giving dryer lint to birds is dangerous and what other uses are more appropriate.

When to Take Down Bird Houses
Should bird houses be left up all year long? They can be, but if you want to take them down, these tips can help you learn when to do it. Includes reasons why it may be best to remove bird houses after the nesting season.

How to Clean a Bird House
Tips for how and when to clean a birdhouse to make it more attractive for nesting birds to return.

Removing Insects From Bird Houses
Are bugs taking over your bird houses? These tips for removing insects from bird houses can help you keep the homes pest-free and healthier for the birds.

Online Nest Cams
Online nest cams give birders an insight into the life of a baby bird. This list of reliable online nest cams includes different species and cams around the world, along with tips for easy online viewing of different bird cams.

Hummingbird Nest Facts
All about hummingbird nests, from the materials used to the nest size to how the nests need to be safe for baby hummingbirds.

Bird Roost Boxes
Bird roost box design basics, including what features are necessary, how to position a roost box and other tips to attract birds with this type of shelter.

Purple Martin Houses
Details for choosing appropriate purple martin houses and ensuring those birdhouses are safe for nesting birds.

Barn Owl Nest Boxes
Tips for choosing and positioning barn owl nest boxes, including a list of nest box retailers.

Winter Bird Shelters
Tips for providing shelter for winter birds, including the most popular types of winter bird shelters and how to use them effectively to attract birds in winter.

Winterize Your Bird Houses
These tips to prepare bird houses for winter can help you store your houses or convert them to effective roost boxes to provide shelter for winter birds.

Roosting Pockets From Duncraft
Review of a set of natural fiber roosting pockets from Duncraft, which can provide winter shelter for small backyard birds.

Suet Cage Nester
Offer birds nesting material with this fast, easy project to combine scrap yarn with a suet cage for a colorful nester. Includes tips for positioning your nester and how to watch nests that use your yarn.

Removing Bird Nests
Birds aren't always responsible when they build their nests, but when is removing bird nests legal and appropriate? These tips can help you keep nesting areas safe and clean.

Decorating Bird Houses
Turn an ordinary bird house into an extraordinary residence with these creative and bird-friendly decorating ideas.

GreenBird Nesting Material Box
Review of the GreenBird Nesting Material Box, an easy to assemble recycled paper kit to provide nesting material to backyard birds. Comes with Alpaca fleece filler.

Birdhouses 101
Birds prefer specific types of houses and Birdhouses 101 offers parameters and guidelines for building birdhouses for more than 50 species. Additional tips on feeding, house placement and bird behavior are included.

Edible Bird Houses
Edible bird houses make great gifts, but are they really great houses for the birds? Learn how to choose the best edible house that can be reused as a secure nesting spot.

Bluebird Houses
Every backyard birder can be a bluebird landlord if they follow these suggests for bluebird houses. Use the right size house, mount it properly and make the backyard "neighborhood" right for bluebirds, and they'll be residents in no time!

Where and Where Not to Buy Bird Houses
Not every bird house for sale is a good house for birds - learn the best and worst places to buy houses so you can offer nesting birds the best options in your yard.

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