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Attracting Birds

You can be a birder in your own backyard if you know how to attract birds effectively. From providing the basic necessities to tailoring your efforts to attract specific species, this information can help you plan your landscaping, yard decoration and local habitat with birds in mind.
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Get Started Attracting Birds
It is easy to get started attracting birds with these five simple steps that can help you create a safe sanctuary for many backyard species. Includes more advanced tips for attracting backyard birds.

Benefits of Attracting Birds
From enjoyment to better property values to natural pest control, there are many benefits to attracting backyard birds.

How to Attract Birds
Overview of how to attract backyard birds.

How to Attract New Birds to Your Backyard
How to attact new birds to your backyard by upgrading what you offer to appeal to more species. Includes tips for new foods, better water, more secure shelter and attractive nesting sites.

Top 10 Mistakes When Attracting Birds
Are you trying to attract birds but having no luck? If you're making these mistakes, even the easiest birds to attract may stay away. Learn how to fix your errors and attract more birds to your backyard.

Attracting Birds With Water
Different ways to attract backyard birds by offering water sources.

Attract Birds With Shelter
Adding shelter to your yard can give birds a safe place to stay nearby, and there are many ways to add both natural and artificial shelters that will attract a wide variety of birds.

Attract Birds With Food
Adding food to your backyard is the best way to attract birds, and there are many natural and supplemental food sources birds will easily visit. Learn how to start feeding birds to attract them to your yard!

Attract Birds With Nesting Material
Learn how to attract birds by offering suitable nesting material in a way that will encourage them to build nests in your backyard. Includes a list of different types of nesting material.

Colors That Attract Birds
Adding color to your landscape can attract birds, but what colors attract which birds? Learn how to add both natural and artificial colors for attracting birds.

Sounds That Attract Birds
From water splashes to insect buzzes there are many sounds that will attract birds, and these tips can help you add the right sounds to your backyard to invite birds to investigate. Also includes which sounds to avoid so you don't scare birds away.

Attract Birds During Migration
Tips for attracting migrating birds to your backyard in spring and fall.

Attract Birds to Your Windows
Get up close views of birds when you attract them right to your windows. Includes tips for how to keep birds safe even right next to your windows.

Discouraging House Sparrows
Tips for discouraging house sparrows from monopolizing feeders and birdhouses in your backyard.

Discouraging Starlings
Are starlings a problem in your yard? These tips can help you keep them away without giving up feeding birds or scaring away other species.

5 Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees for the Birds
These 5 unique ways to recycle Christmas trees for the birds can help you dispose of holiday decorations in an ecological and bird-friendly way.

Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

How to Build a Brush Pile
Steps for how to build a brush pile to attract birds with shelter.

Provide Water for Hummingbirds

Attracting Birds in Winter
Tips for attracting birds in winter by meeting their basic needs of food, water and shelter, with ideas for keeping winter birds safe from predators.

Seed-Bearing Flowers for Birds
Planting seed-bearing flowers for birds is an easy and effective way to attract birds to your backyard with a natural food source. These most popular seed-bearing flowers are perfect for attracting finches, sparrows, towhees and other bird species to your yard.

Attracting Birds That Don't Come to Feeders
You don't need bird feeders to attract birds. These tips can help you attract a wide range of bird species that wouldn't look twice at a bird feeder.

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