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Mating & Reproduction

Every year birds raise broods of chicks, but how do they choose a mate? How do birds reproduce? How do they ensure their young can survive to raise their own chicks? There are a lot of questions about bird mating and reproduction, and these articles can help birders better understand these complex bird relationships.

How Birds Claim Territory
How birds claim territory for feeding, mating and raising young can give birders clues about different species and where to find them. This bird behavior can be fascinating to watch, and when you know what territories birds have claimed, you will know where to see them all summer long.

Bird Courtship Behavior
Birds have different types of mating rituals and courtship behavior they use to attract a suitable mate, including feeding, preening, dances and displays.

How Birds Mate
How do birds mate? Copulation is a quick act that is only one part of bird mating, but understanding what it is can help birders be aware of this unique bird behavior and how to protect mating birds.

When Birds Mate
Birds only mate at specific times of year, but when? Learning when birds mate can help birders be ready to see courtship behavior, help protect nesting birds or become landlords for breeding birds in their own backyard.

Do Birds Mate for Life?
Birds can form long term pair bonds that can be defined as mating for life, and there are many reasons they do so. Includes examples of bird species that mate for life.

Bird Divorces
Birds form strong bonds to raise chicks, but can they divorce as well? Learn about bird divorces and how they actually help birds.

12 Things You Didn't Know About Baby Birds
Baby birds are not as similar to adults as many backyard birders think. Learn what makes baby birds different, and how you can help them grow into strong, healthy adults.

What Not to Do if You Find a Baby Bird
Take better care of your baby birds by understanding what not to do when you find one.

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