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Bird Extinction Announced

By May 26, 2010

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After its annual update of critically endangered birds, BirdLife International has officially declared the alaotra grebe (Tachybaptus rufolavatus) extinct. The grebe was found on the lakes in a small portion of eastern Madagascar, but it is believed that the introduction of invasive fish as well as the use of nylon fishing nets that trapped and drowned birds caused the final demise of the species.

Invasive species around the world are threatening native birds by usurping food sources, taking over nesting sites or becoming predators in delicate ecosystems. Other threats, including pollution and habitat loss, are also increasing the numbers of endangered birds.

Fortunately, BirdLife International also have evidence that conservation efforts can be effective, and several bird species have been downgraded to less threatened status after habitat restoration measures. Educational programs also help raise awareness and can help protect critically endangered birds.

For more information about the alaotra grebe's extinction and BirdLife International's worldwide conservation efforts, visit www.BirdLife.org.

Lake Ravelobe, Madagascar
Photo Frank Vassen


May 26, 2010 at 9:15 pm
(1) christopher d says:

Species rise and fall in the natural order of things, but when species vanishes due to the direct result of our species not giving a &^%# , there is no fundamental excuse….
I can not help but wonder what effects the loss of that Grebe will have on the remainder of that ecosystem… Toss a pebble in a pond and eventually the ripples will touch every shore

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