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Bald Eagle

Submit an Entry: Your Winter Bird Pictures

By Patrick C.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bird Species

Bald Eagle

Date Photographed

December 3, 2011

Where Photographed

This picture was photographed at the Conowingo Dam in northeastern Maryland.

The Conowingo Dam is in the Susquehanna River.

The dam is an amazingly good wild bird habitat and good fishing for the eagles.

Many bald eagles stay at the Conowingo Dam during the winter.

Tips and Tricks

  • My first tip for great winter birding is that you should be quiet when you approach a wild bird because you might scare it away.
  • You should create or go to a good bird habitat so that you can actually get to see a lot more interesting birds.
  • Put out a wild bird feeder or bird bath in your yard so it will give the birds more of a reason to come to your yard so you can see them and enjoy watching them!

Melissa Mayntz, About.com Birding/Wild Birds, says:

Bald eagles are popular winter bird photography subjects because of their bold plumage and wide distribution throughout North America during the winter. While in summer they typically stay far to the north, during the winter months they can often be seen at any open water source where fish is abundant, including lakes, bays and rivers.

See the complete bald eagle profile.

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