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Reader Submissions: Your Winter Bird Pictures


Many birders believe you just don't see as many birds in the winter, but dedicated backyard birders know better. With the right winter foods, liquid water in a heated birdbath and warm places for birds to roost, it's easy to attract many colorful and active birds to your feeders all winter long. What's more, there are many gorgeous birds in the field in the winter, if you know how to go birding in the cold. These reader submitted photos show that when the weather outside is frightful, the birding can be delightful!

Submit Your Photos!

Leucistic Cardinal

Howard City, Michigan in Newaygo County.The bird was in my backyard, off of the deck, near my bird feeders. It was wintertime, as you can see, since it was January here, but we see cardinals year-rou…More

A Frosty Morning Meal

This was taken in my yard - where I feed the birds. I just stuck a suet ball on a shepherd's hook. The blue jays, cardinals and woodpeckers enjoyed feeding from it, and I got some wonderful shots. I …More

A Branch Just for Me!

It was taken in my front yard - near one of my feeders. He likes to sit on this little bare branch of one of my Spruce trees. He is the only Harris's sparrow that I have visiting this winter. This is…More

An Early Bluebird

My back yard in Acworth, Georgia. I have one tree designated for my bird feeders and offer plenty of resources for them as well as a bird house for the eastern bluebirds. They give me plenty of viewi…More

Townsend's Warbler

In our backyard in Westport, Washington, approximately six city blocks from the Pacific Ocean. We have feeders available all year long and we get quite a few frequent birds returning yearly as we hav…More

Varied Thrush

Living room window. We have a feeder right outside and thoroughly enjoy feeding the birds. The Steller's jays try to take over but this handsome thrush has no problem standing up to the aggressive ja…More


I was hidden for photographing ducks near a frozen pond in the municipalité Ste-Therese, Quebec, Canada. The ducks came in for attérir winds, the temperature was cold enough.The mallard is …More

Having a Bite During the Snow

I live in Nebraska just north of the interstate and this is my feeder area in my backyard. We were having a snow storm and the juncos were enjoying the feeder. They usually are eating on the ground b…More

Boreal Owl on Hangar

Grand Marais, Manitoba, CanadaThe first day when it was very cold the owl was sitting on the hanger for our bird feeder in the front yard away from the wind and under the eves. The next morning it wa…More

Christmas Treat

This photo was taken in my backyard; I live in North Central Texas in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. The birdhouse was hanging in my peach tree which is not too far from my back deck which allows me…More

Bald Eagle

This picture was photographed at the Conowingo Dam in northeastern Maryland.The Conowingo Dam is in the Susquehanna River.The dam is an amazingly good wild bird habitat and good fishing for the eagle…More

Pileated Woodpecker

This pileated woodpecker was photographed by me in the woods around my backyard in Pinch, West Virginia. It is mostly deciduous trees - oak, maple, beech, sourwood, dogwood, redbud, etc. We hear and …More

Female Cardinal in Snow

Silver Spring, Maryland. This was taken from my neighbor's porch where my camera was protected from the snow and I could innocuously hang out until the birds got used to me. I'm very happy to have go…More

Pretty Woodpecker

Cleveland, Tennessee. Warm winter so far, in my front yard right next to our road. Nothing seems to bother him. He has food and is very happy about chillin' in the yard and letting me sit for hours a…More

Eurasian Collared-Doves

My backyard feeder in Mcminnville, Oregon. They have stayed all winter, and frequent my feeders. I noticed them in the spring of 2010. I knew they were not a regular resident and did some investigati…More

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