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Wood Ducks and Turtles

Share Your Story: Your Wood Duck Photos

By Debbie Shuman

Wood Ducks and Turtles

Wood Ducks and Turtles Enjoying the Sun

When did you take this photo?

2010 at our pond

Where did you take this photo?

Springfield, Ohio

How did you see this wood duck?

Just knew they were there at our pond at this time and snuck up the hill to get a shot of them.

They were very calm and settled, but I was also very quiet about my approach. They were there to rest and prepare for mating and nesting. I knew to they wouldn't go anywhere as long as I was quiet.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be very quiet, and descreet. Ducks are very timid and will take off on any sudden movement.

Melissa Mayntz, About.com Birding/Wild Birds, says:

Many birders often overlook other life in the habitats where they find birds; at a pond where you might find wood ducks, look also for turtles, muskrats, salamanders, dragonflies and other beautiful creatures that all share the landscape with these beautiful ducks.

See the complete wood duck profile.

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