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Juvenile Bald Eagle

Submit an Entry: Your Bald Eagle Photos

By Patrick C.

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Juvenile Bald Eagle

When did you take this photo?


Where did you take this photo?

Conowingo Dam, Maryland

What behavior did you observe from this bald eagle?

This juvenile bald eagle was flying near a huge group of other bald eagles at the Conowingo Dam. I highly recommend the Conowingo Dam for all bald eagle lovers. Guide Note: Conowingo Dam is part of a hydroelectric plant on the Lower Susquehanna River in northeastern Maryland.

Tips and Tricks

  • It takes a lot of patience when you are taking pictures of bald eagles.

Melissa Mayntz, About.com Birding/Wild Birds, says:

Large raptors can be great photography subjects, particularly if you can find a location where a group of them are present. That allows you to not only photograph the birds, but also to observe their interactions with mates, immature birds and more, and action shots can be even more impressive. Dams and other active waterways are often favorite spots for bald eagles because of easier fishing for a reliable food source.

See the complete bald eagle profile.

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