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American Goldfinch Range Map


American Goldfinch Range Map
American Goldfinch Range Map

American Goldfinch Range Map

Melissa Mayntz

Common Name: American Goldfinch
Scientific Name: Carduelis tristis
Migration: Migratory; all birds migrate, but an overlapping year-round range is continually occupied.


The American goldfinch is a widespread, very adaptable bird and can be found in a range of habitats where seeds and insects are abundant, including meadows, grasslands, scrub forests, gardens and both urban and suburban backyards. In fact, this species is one of the most common backyard birds, and regularly visits feeders where Nyjer and sunflower seeds are offered, though they may not visit consistently, especially when wild seeds are available. American goldfinches forage in low or mid-height vegetation, frequently returning to the same spot time and again for seeds. Coneflowers, thistles, sunflowers and similar vegetation will attract American goldfinches both in gardens and in the wild.

For more information, see the complete American goldfinch profile.

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