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A common misconception in birding is that there are few birds to enjoy during the coldest winter months, when in fact many beautiful and unusual birds are eager to visit backyard feeders in the winter because of scarce food supplies. The birds in these photos are just a few that you might find at your feeders in the winter, if you know how to attract them and what winter foods to offer for a tasty and nutritious treat.

What backyard birds do you have visiting your feeders and birdbaths in the winter? Submit your winter bird photos for a reader gallery today!

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Dark-Eyed JuncoDark-Eyed JuncoBohemian WaxwingBohemian WaxwingNorthern CardinalNorthern CardinalAmerican RobinAmerican Robin
Red-Breasted NuthatchRed-Breasted NuthatchTufted TitmouseTufted TitmouseDowny WoodpeckerDowny WoodpeckerSnow BuntingSnow Bunting
Mountain ChickadeeMountain ChickadeeCalifornia QuailCalifornia QuailPine SiskinPine SiskinHouse SparrowHouse Sparrow
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