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Gallery of Wild Bird Nests and Eggs


Just as there are many variations among birds’ plumage, sizes and behavior, so too are there many different types of nests. Different bird species use different building materials to create nests of various shapes and sizes, and the eggs they lay have different shapes, markings, colors and sizes. Experienced birders can learn to identify bird species by nest type or eggs, and birders of all levels can enjoy the wonder of spotting a bird nest in the wild.
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House Finch NestHouse Finch NestVermilion Flycatcher NestVermilion Flycatcher NestAmerican Robin NestAmerican Robin NestNorthern Mockingbird NestNorthern Mockingbird Nest
Anna's Hummingbird NestAnna's Hummingbird NestMute Swan NestMute Swan NestRock Pigeon NestRock Pigeon NestKilldeer NestKilldeer Nest
Herring Gull NestHerring Gull NestMallard NestMallard NestYellow Warbler NestYellow Warbler NestAmerican Kestrel NestAmerican Kestrel Nest
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