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There are dozens of species of sparrows in North America alone, and for many birders, they can be challenging to identify. All sparrows are small birds with active personalities, and their elusive behavior can make it difficult to watch them long enough for a positive identification. Each sparrow does, however, have distinctive field marks that can make it easier to tell them apart.

Still not sure about your sparrows? These sparrow identification tips can help.
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House Sparrow - MaleHouse Sparrow - MaleSong SparrowSong SparrowChipping SparrowChipping SparrowWhite-Crowned SparrowWhite-Crowned Sparrow
Lark SparrowLark SparrowHouse Sparrow - FemaleHouse Sparrow - FemaleGolden-Crowned SparrowGolden-Crowned SparrowWhite-Throated SparrowWhite-Throated Sparrow
Savannah SparrowSavannah SparrowEurasian Tree SparrowEurasian Tree SparrowFox SparrowFox SparrowClay-Colored SparrowClay-Colored Sparrow
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