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White-Winged Junco


Dark-Eyed Junco - White-Winged

Dark-Eyed Junco - White-Winged

Christian Nunes
The white-winged dark-eyed junco is easily confused with the slate-colored, since the plumage is remarkably similar between the two variations. The white-winged birds are usually a bit lighter, however, and may show a faint dark mask or hood. The key field mark for this junco is its pair of ragged white wing bars and the white streaks it shows in the wings. This variation may also show more white in the tail, especially when perched.

The range for the white-winged junco extends from the western Black Hills region of South Dakota through western Nebraska and eastern Colorado and Wyoming. Males may spend all winter in the northern part of the range, while females and younger males migrate south during the coldest months.

Photo © Christian Nunes
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