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Pictures of Juncos


The dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis) is one of the most widespread feeder birds in North America, and one of the most diverse. With several distinct plumage variations, these birds can easily be confused as different species, particularly when birds in overlapping ranges create hybrids. Understanding the key field marks and appropriate range for each bird can help you easily identify and appreciate the different juncos at your feeders.
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Dark-Eyed Junco - Slate-ColoredSlate-Colored JuncoDark-Eyed Junco - White-WingedWhite-Winged JuncoDark-Eyed Junco - OregonOregon JuncoDark-Eyed Junco - Pink-SidedPink-Sided Junco
Dark-Eyed Junco - Red-BackedRed-Backed JuncoDark-Eyed Junco - Gray-HeadedGray-Headed JuncoYellow-Eyed JuncoYellow-Eyed JuncoSlate-Colored Junco FeedingFeeding Juncos
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