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Pictures of Ducks


Ducks are an underappreciated part of the wild birding world, and many species of ducks have beautiful plumage and unique personalities. From small, shy ducks to larger, bolder birds, these waterfowl can be a joy to watch in the field. They are also perfect for beginning birders to find, since many ducks have bold colors and distinctive markings that make them easy to identify, even from a distance.
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American WigeonAmerican WigeonWood DuckWood DuckNorthern PintailNorthern PintailMandarin DuckMandarin Duck
Ring-Necked DuckRing-Necked DuckMallardsMallardCommon GoldeneyeCommon GoldeneyeRuddy Duck - Breeding MaleRuddy Duck
Northern ShovelerNorthern ShovelerCanvasbackCanvasbackHarlequin DuckHarlequin DuckSmewSmew

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