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Bird Profiles

Birds look and behave differently, and being familiar with species’ characteristics can help you identify them properly and understand their behavior. These bird profiles have all the details you need, from a bird’s colors and markings to sounds, habitat range and reproductive habits.
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  2. Bird Trivia (17)
  3. Chickadees, Tits & Nuthatches (17)
  4. Crows, Ravens & Blackbirds (11)
  5. Cuckoos & Trogons (2)
  6. Dippers & Kingfishers (6)
  7. Doves & Pigeons (7)
  8. Ducks, Geese & Waterfowl (38)
  9. Eagles, Hawks & Owls (32)
  10. Flowerpeckers & Sunbirds (1)
  11. Flycatchers & Antbirds (8)
  12. Grosbeaks & Buntings (10)
  13. Grouse, Quail & Pheasants (12)
  14. Gulls, Terns & Seabirds (26)
  15. Hummingbirds (19)
  16. Jays & Orioles (12)
  17. Larks & Pipits (4)
  18. Mockingbirds & Thrashers (3)
  19. Nighthawks & Nightjars (1)
  20. Pictures of Birds (26)
  21. Range Maps (33)
  22. Shorebirds & Waders (22)
  23. Sparrows & Finches (23)
  24. Swifts & Swallows (7)
  25. Thrushes (10)
  26. Warblers (15)
  27. Woodpeckers (12)

Least Wanted Backyard Birds
Learn which birds might not be welcome in your yard and why, with tips for how to safely discourage their visits.

Invasive Birds
Discussion of invasive birds including how a bird is classified as invasive, a partial list of invasive bird species and how invasive birds get introduced to new areas.

Easter Chicks and Ducklings
Are you considering giving a chick or duckling for an Easter gift? You might want to think twice, and this information can help you make the right decision for you and the gift recipient.

The emu is a familiar bird worldwide, but is found wild only in Australia. Learn more about this bird's unique physiology and reproduction, as well as where to see an emu.

American Dipper
Detailed bird profile of the American dipper: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes notes on conservation for American dippers and tips for seeing them in the field.

The mistletoebird is well known for its fondness for mistletoe berries, but what else does this bird eat and where can you find one to add to your life list?

Types of Seabirds
When most birders think of seabirds, they imagine a lone bird soaring over endless waves. While that image is accurate for many seabirds,...

Green Kingfisher
Detailed bird profile of the green kingfisher: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for seeing green kingfishers in the field and how to protect them.

What Is a Wading Bird?
Wading birds are instantly recognizable, but why? Knowing what makes waders unique can help birders quickly and accurately identify and appreciate all the wading birds they see.

Laughing Kookaburra
The laughing kookaburra is well known for its distinct calls and sounds, but there is a lot more to learn about the world's largest kingfisher.

Scarlet Macaw
The scarlet macaw is one of the most familiar parrots, but how much do you know about these beautiful birds? Learn their range, field marks, diet, reproduction and more, including what needs to be done to preserve them.

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