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Birding Travel

Just as birds travel through their range or migrate with the seasons, birders who travel can find more species and enjoy their hobby in any location. Here you will find details about the best travel spots for birds, including annual birding festivals, aviaries and where to find rare species and state birds to add to your life list.
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Why Travel for Birding?
Travel can be a hassle, but it's well worth it to birders for many reasons. Learn about the benefits of birding travel, including how it helps the birds you hope to see.

Plan a Big Year
Want to make the most of your birding all year long? These tips can help you plan a birding big year, no matter how far you do or don't want to travel.

Cheap Birding Travel
If you've always wanted to travel for birding but think you can't afford it, think again. These tips for cheap birding travel can help you plan a birding getaway on any budget.

How to Find Birds Far From Home
Tips for how to find good birding locations on vacation or otherwise while traveling. Includes online resources for researching birding travel.

Bird Watching on Vacation
Tips for finding new birds during a vacation, even if the travel isn't planned specifically for birding.

Making the Most of a Birding Trip
Any trip can become a birding trip if you know how to make the most of your travels, from finding local birding hotspots to learning local birds and packing for a bit of birding on the side, no matter what your getaway plans.

Choose a Birding Tour
Tips for how to choose the best birding tour for your preferences, including how to determine your bird tour goals and what tours will fit.

Types of Birding Tour Companies
Descriptions of different types of birding tour companies with multiple examples of current worldwide, regional and bird-specific companies.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
Tips for birders visiting Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, New York.

Where to See Penguins
Where in the world would you go to see wild penguins? These popular birds can be found on four continents and in many remote areas.

What to Expect at Birding Festivals
If you've never attended a bird or birding festival and aren't sure what to expect, this overview can give you a heads up about what festivals typically offer.

Birding Festivals in January
Start your year off with great birding when you attend one of these January birding festivals. Perfect for starting a big year or just enjoying all of winter's birds!

Birding Festivals in February
Make the shortest month your biggest birding month by attending one of these bird festivals in February. Includes festival events and links to official websites for registration and costs.

Birding Festivals in March
March bird festivals get the best of both late winter and early spring birding, and this directory of birding festivals in March can help you choose the best event for you.

Hummingbird Festivals
Learn about hummingbirds at these specialized hummingbird festivals, including hummingbird banding, adoptions, presentations and more. Directory includes dates, locations and additional information.

Birding Festivals in November
November is an ideal month to make the most of fall migration, and birding festivals in November are scheduled for the peak of this fantastic season. This directory lists November bird festivals worldwide, including dates and festival activities to help you choose the perfect event to attend.

Ecclesdown Road
Review of birding experiences along Ecclesdown Road in Jamaica, including tips for visiting birders and examples of bird species likely to be seen in the area.

Birding Festivals in December
Celebrate the holidays with one of these December bird festivals. There may not be many events this month, but each one is a gift of fantastic birding to enjoy.

Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park
One of the most popular birding hotspots in south Texas, Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park has recorded hundreds of bird species in its 760 acres, including a wide range of local specialties and rare visitors. Learn what you can expect when you visit this birding destination in Mission, Texas.

Quinta Mazatlan
A popular urban birding hotspot in McAllen, Texas, Quinta Mazatlan can be the perfect orientation to south Texas birds as well as a great location to learn about local ecology, history and culture.

Resaca de la Palma State Park
A great birding destination near Brownsville, Resaca de la Palma State Park is the largest World Birding Center site and offers unparalleled views of local resacas and all their birds.

National Butterfly Center
For butterflies as well as birds, there's no better spot in south Texas than the National Butterfly Center in Mission. With five acres of native gardens, this small facility attracts a large number of popular birds and beautiful butterflies.

Edinburg Scenic Wetlands
For urban birding with varied habits, few destinations can be Edinburg Scenic Wetlands, part of the World Birding Center in Texas. Learn more about this facility, including what birds to expect and how to plan your visit for the best birding.

Frontera Audubon Thicket
The Frontera Audubon Thicket is extraordinary proof that habitat preservation is vital to birds, and this small preserve in urban Weslaco, Texas, hosts hundreds of bird species.

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge
Review of birding at Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge in western Utah. Gives tips for visiting birders and examples of bird species likely to be seen.

Where to See Puffins
Do you want to add a puffin to your life list? Learn what habitats these birds prefer and where you can find all three species of puffins. Includes great places for viewing puffins in captivity as well.

Where to See Captive Birds
Birds in captivity are often overlooked by serious birders, but visiting zoos, aviaries and other facilities can provide intimate, exciting experiences with a wide range of birds. Learn where you can look for captive birds and what to expect at different types of locations.

Birding on a Cruise
If you've never been on a cruise, you're missing some great birding opportunities. Learn how to see more birds at sea, how to choose bird-friendly ports of call and other tips to help you sail away with birds.

Visiting an Aviary
Is it worthwhile to visit an aviary? Absolutely! Learn why, and plan your next visit with the list of worldwide freestanding aviaries.

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