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Birding Supplies

To be an effective birder, you will need basic supplies including field guides, binoculars and other resources to help you identify the birds you see. Some birding supplies are essential while others are optional, and there are many types of equipment that can help you get more enrichment and enjoyment from your birding experiences.
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Basic Supplies Every Birder Needs
Birding supply recommendations for beginning birders.

Choose a Field Bag
A field bag is an essential piece of equipment that helps keep you organized when birding. These tips can help you choose the best field bag for your birding needs, whether you want a simple tote or a specialized bag.

What You Need in Your Field Bag
Prepared birders carry a well-equipped field bag, and this list of supplies can help you know exactly what to put in your field bag for safe, productive and enjoyable birding.

Types of Field Bags
What type of field bag do you carry? Do you have the right one for your birding needs? Learn the different types of field bags so you can choose the best one for your birding.

Choose Your Best Field Guide
Tips for choosing an appropriate field guide as a tool to identify birds.

What to Wear Out Birding
A well-equipped birder is a well-dressed birder; that is, well dressed for the field in the right birding clothes. These tips can help you choose proper clothes to wear out birding so you can see birds even better.

How to Choose Birding Binoculars
Tips for choosing binoculars suitable for birding, including what features to examine for practicality, comfort and price.

Binocular Magnification
How big are the birds in your binns? Understanding binocular magnification can help you choose the right optics for all your birding.

How to Focus Binoculars
Learning how to focus binoculars is essential for using your optics the best way. Includes steps for diopter adjustments and tips for other things that may make your binns blurry.

Binocular Accessories for Birders
Make even basic binoculars better with these top 10 binocular accessories for birders. Includes tips for where to purchase accessories and how to choose just what you and your binns need.

How to Clean Binoculars
Instructions for cleaning binoculars properly to minimize scratches and maxmize optical performance for birding.

Caring for Binoculars
Keep your binoculars in excellent shape with these tips for proper care, and learn what to do if your binocs are accidentally damaged.

What Is a Spotting Scope?
Spotting scopes are far different from binoculars and telescopes, but they can be perfect for birding. Learn what a scope is, what birds it can help you see and whether you might need one for your birding.

How to Clean a Spotting Scope
A dirty spotting scope is less than ideal for birding, but these tips can help you keep your scope clean and effectively clean it whenever necessary.

Spotting Scope Care
Keep your spotting scope in top shape with these tips so you can enjoy great views of birds for many years.

Spotting Scope Accessories for Birders
Learn which accessories can help you make the most of your spotting scope. Includes cost ranges for each accessory type, plus where spotting scope accessories can be purchased.

25 Essential Backyard Birding Supplies
25 essential supplies that can help make backyard birding easier and more convenient.

Lowepro Field Station Beltpack
For a comfortable, easy-to-use, organized field bag, the Field Station Beltpack from Lowepro gets top marks. Learn more about this bag and why it may be best for your birding.

Autumn Birding Gear
Be a prepared birder by including these seasonal supplies in your field bag whenever you go birding in autumn, and make the most of your fall birding opportunities.

The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds
Review of "The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds" (2011) by Richard Crossley, with an analysis of birding field and reference use.

10 Holiday Gifts to Give Your Backyard Birds
There are many gifts you can give your backyard birds to celebrate the holidays or any special occasion.

Heated Bird Bath Tips
Tips for how to use a heated bird bath to provide fresh, clean water to backyard birds all winter long.

Charting Nature
Review of bird artwork products from Charting Nature, including framed prints and note cards.

The Nutcracker Tweet & Other Tchaikovsky Favorites
Review of The Nutcracker Tweet bird music CD by AniMelodies.

Birds of Europe: Second Edition
Field guide review of "Birds of Europe: Second Edition" (2010) by Lars Svensson et al., with an analysis of field and reference use.

Summer Birding Gear
Be a well-equipped birder even in the hottest months when you have the right summer birding gear.

Best Snacks for Birding
Don't get distracted by hunger while you're out birding! Choosing the right snacks is essential, and these tips and suggestions can help you add some delicious equipment to your field bag.

Spring Birding Gear
The right equipment is critical to make the most of spectacular spring birding - use these tips to be sure you have all the right supplies.

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