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Birding Organizations

Birders of a feather flock together, and joining a birding organization has many potential benefits. Both novice and experienced birders are welcome in local, regional and national organizations, and joining organizations is an ideal way to promote bird conservation worldwide.
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Choose a Birding Organization to Join
Tips for choosing the best birding organization to join that will suit your needs and preferences. Includes factors to consider when joining a birding organization.

How Birding Organizations Help Birds
Birding organizations can help birds in ways that individual birders do not have the time, money or resources to do. Learn how organizations promote bird conservation and why it is important to support birding organizations.

Benefits of Joining Birding Organizations
General membership benefits of joining birding organizations and groups.

Benefits of Birding in a Group
All birders know that noise can disturb and scare away the very birds they want to see, and a larger group of people will generate more noise than one or two solitary birders. There are many benefits to birding in a group, however, that can make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

5 Ways to Connect With Birders
Five ways birders and bird watchers can be part of a birding community.

How to Start a Birding Club
If there is no local birding organization near you, it can be easy to start your own group and create a birding club with a flock of members.

Service Projects for Birding Clubs
Get your birding organization involved with these easy service projects to raise community awareness and help local birds at the same time.

Social Events for Birding Clubs
Social events can help bring birders even closer together as friends, and there are many great activities you can add your birding club's calendar, from meals and holiday parties to movies, books and more.

Birding Club Fundraisers
Need to raise money for your birding club? From small events to large money-makers, these ideas are great fundraisers for any birding organization.

Planning a Birding Club Field Trip
Are you planning field trips for your birding club? These tips can help you choose where and when to go for the best birding, as well as how to make the trip successful with before, during and after advice.

Carpooling Tips for Birders
Tips for both drivers and passengers to create safe, effective and comfortable birding carpools. Share a ride and save a bird!

Promoting Your Birding Club
Want to meet more birders? Try these ways to promote your birding club no matter what your club's size or budget, and you'll soon have a flock of new members to make friends with.

Birding Club Newsletters
Keep your birding club connected with a regular newsletter. These tips can help you choose how to create your newsletter as well as what to write to engage more members.

Birding Club Meeting Ideas
Get your birding club together with these meeting ideas! Includes tips for how, when and where to plan regular meetings.

Donate to Birding Organizations
There are many ways to donate to birding organizations to help support all they do for birds. Learn about both financial and non-monetary donations and how you can contribute.

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