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(noun) A type of birder who seeks to add as many species as possible to their life list in as short a time as possible. Twitchers are willing to go to great lengths, including extensive travel and dedicated monitoring of local and regional birding hotlines, to see new bird species. A twitcher does not generally devote great lengths of time to bird observation, but rather is content to simply identify the bird species conclusively and add it to their life list.

The origin of the term “twitcher” refers to the nervous, twitchy behavior of well known British birdwatcher Howard Medhurst, who frequently traveled long distances on short notice to see rare birds. The term came into common use for birders in the 1950s, and today is most popular in Britain and Europe. “Twitcher” is less frequently used to describe North American birders.



Also Known As:

Pot-Hunter, Tally-Hunter, Tick-Hunter, Chaser

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