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Magnificent Frigatebird (Juvenile)

Steve Ryan

(noun) A type of tropical pelagic bird with a long, hooked bill, strongly forked tail and wide wingspan with narrow, tapered wings. All frigatebirds are in the family Fregatidae and genus Fregata. Males have a red gular sac that will swell brightly for courtship but can be hard to see otherwise. These birds do not swim and cannot walk well, though they are powerful fliers and can glide nearly without effort. Frigatebirds have been observed robbing one another's nests and will even kill and eat unprotected chicks.

There are only five species of frigatebird: magnificent, lesser, great, ascension and Christmas Island frigatebirds.

Photo - Magnificent Frigatebird © Steve Ryan



Also Known As:

Frigate Bird, Man-of-War Bird, Pirate Bird, Frigate Pelican

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