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Discover the Birds in Your Backyard


The best birding begins at home when you learn about the regular visitors you can get to your feeders, birdbaths and birdhouses. Having the right supplies is the first step toward attracting a backyard flock, but there are many other ways to attract birds as well. These steps will help you attract birds, feed them properly and create a safe, bird-friendly sanctuary in your backyard.
  1. Backyard Birding Supplies
  2. Attracting Birds
  3. Feeding Birds
  4. Bird Safety

Backyard Birding Supplies


The most birds will come to a backyard that is well equipped, and the right supplies can help you maintain a bird-friendly backyard easily. From basic birding supplies to specialized equipment, having the proper tools will make backyard birding more convenient and rewarding.

Attracting Birds

Bird Garden

Birds may seem to be everywhere, but they'll only visit backyards regularly if their basic needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites are met. By adding features to your backyard to meet those needs, you will find more birds willing to join your backyard flock.

Feeding Birds

Commercial Birdseed Mix

Birdfeeders are the easiest way to enjoy watching birds in your yard. Not all feeder styles are appropriate, however, and understanding what feeders and foods will work best for the birds in your backyard can help you offer a scrumptious bird-friendly buffet.

Bird Safety

Outdoor Cat

Responsible birders always ensure that their backyard is a safe place for birds to visit. From outdoor cats to picture windows, there are many threats that wild birds face, but this information can help you minimize the bird risks in your backyard.

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