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Do you have birding questions you need answers to? Submit them for Mailbag Monday!

What Is Mailbag Monday?

Mailbag Monday is your opportunity to submit your birding and wild bird related questions directly to me for immediate attention. All questions are welcome, and while not all questions may be published, as your birding expert I will do my best to answer each question either privately or as the weekly Mailbag Monday blog post.

How to Submit Questions for Mailbag Monday

To submit a question for Mailbag Monday consideration, simply email me at birding@aboutguide.com with the phrase "Mailbag Monday" in the subject line. Include your detailed question, your first name and your general location (city/state or just state/province in North America, and city/country or just country outside North America).

Please note that only questions relevant to all birders will be used as Mailbag Monday selections. Requests to identify photographs of birds or similar very specific questions will be answered privately but will not be published for Mailbag Monday, since they are of less use to birders in different locations.

If Your Question Is Chosen

If your question is chosen as a Mailbag Monday selection, it will be answered publicly in a blog post, including links to relevant articles and additional information if needed. Your first name and general location will be included, as will your question. By submitting your question for Mailbag Monday consideration, you consent to allow that basic information to be included in a possible blog post and future archive of Mailbag Monday answers. Additional identifying information (last name, email address, etc.) will not be published or archived.

When your answer has been published on my bird news blog, I will email you a link to that blog post to be sure you see your answer. You are free to share that link with friends, add it to your own website or post it in other birding forums or blogs, but the text of the post cannot be copied.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a question for Mailbag Monday?

Email birding@aboutguide.com with "Mailbag Monday" in the subject line, and include your name and general location along with your detailed question. It's that easy!

What types of questions will be answered?

All legitimate questions concerning birding and wild birds will be considered, but due to time constraints not all questions may be included in the Mailbag Monday blog posts. I will select questions that would appeal to many birders for the public posts, and other questions will be answered privately via email. Possible topics to ask about include bird feeding, general identification, conservation, attracting birds and bird behavior, but don't feel limited by just those topics. If it's about birds and you have a question, just ask!

Why wasn't my question answered?

Questions may not be answered in the weekly blog posts if they aren't about wild birds or birding, or if similar questions have already been answered previously. Unsuitable questions might include very local information or identification help requests, which I am happy to answer privately but which are not suitable for Mailbag Monday. All emails will be answered privately if applicable.

Why do you need my name and location?

I respect and wish to protect your privacy, and only your first name and a very general location are needed for Mailbag Monday. Birding can vary widely from place to place, however, and providing a location gives other readers the comparison they need to relate each answer to their own birding. No specific locations, last names or last initials will be published in Mailbag Monday posts.

How long will it take to answer my Mailbag Monday question?

The time to answer any one question may range from just a day or two to several weeks. Questions that cannot be included in the blog or that have been answered previously will be answered more quickly, while a great question for all birders may be held until the next available Mailbag Monday date.

Do you have a great question to submit? Email me for Mailbag Monday, and don't forget to check out the answer archives:

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