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Free Bird House Plans

Use Free Plans to Build a Bird House


Bird House

Use free plans to build bird houses to attract nesting birds.

eddie welker

It's easy to build a bird house when you take advantage of the different free bird house plans available from reputable online resources. Understanding which houses are best to build, however, is even more critical than the plans themselves when it comes to attracting nesting birds.

Choosing Bird House Plans

Whether you've been interested in woodworking and carpentry for years or are just a novice, there are bird houses you can build that will be suitable for the birds. Before choosing any plan, however, you have to consider if it is the best plan for the birds and for your skills.

When choosing a plan to suit the birds, look for…

  • Entrance hole size that will admit the birds you want to nest in the house.
  • Safe bird house features such as ventilation holes and bird-friendly materials.
  • Size dimensions that suit the bird's nesting requirements for floor space.

When choosing a plan you can reliably build, look for…

  • What skill level is expected and necessary for completing the plan.
  • Required materials and tools to match what you have available.
  • Instructional detail to be a good guide for building the house.

Once you've found an appropriate plan, you may be just hours away from a new bird house to add to your backyard.

Resources for Free Bird House Plans

The following online resources offer bird house plans for free online or to print or download for your convenience. To find a plan that best suits you and the birds you want to attract, examine several options before choosing the house you will build.

Note: Have you found more free bird house plans online? Email me your links to share!

A Word About Free

The old saying goes "you get what you pay for" and the same can be said about free bird house plans. Before making the first cut or nailing the first nail, read the instructions carefully to ensure they make sense and are possible for you to complete. Consider making modifications to the plans to make the house more bird-friendly with ventilation or drainage holes, an opening to clean the bird house or other features that might be missing from the simplest plans.

By finding free plans to build a bird house, you can easily turn scrap wood into a beautiful new home for your birds without spending a penny.

Photo – Bird House © eddie welker

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