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The Birdie Bell

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Birdie Bell - Seed Bell

Birdie Bell with seed bell (not included)

Melissa Mayntz

The Bottom Line

The Birdie Bell is a simple, versatile birdfeeder design that can be used in many ways, allowing birders to adapt to the different needs of their backyard flock in each season. This feeder is a clever variation on basic cage feeders, and it can be a great addition to any backyard feeding station.

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  • Versatile design suitable for different foods and materials
  • Dark green color has a discreet, natural look
  • Thick, sturdy construction perfect for clinging birds


  • Bottom access may become loose over time
  • Simple latch does not provide security against squirrels
  • Lacks a cover for weather protection


  • Name: The Birdie Bell
  • Manufacturer: Songbird Essentials
  • Height: 6.5” (16.5 cm)
  • Diameter: 5.5” (14.0 cm)
  • Price: $9.95, empty (via Duncraft; prices from other retailers may vary)

Guide Review - The Birdie Bell

The first thing that attracts the eye to the Birdie Bell is its simplicity. A basic cage feeder in the shape of a bell, this feeder is perfect for holding seed and treat bells more securely than the flimsy hangers many of them are equipped with, yet it is versatile in any season. In the spring, fill the Birdie Bell with nesting material (which it may come with depending on where it is purchased) to encourage birds to build nearby nests, then switch to filling the feeder with seed bells or chunks of fruit in the summer for a tasty backyard buffet. In the fall and winter, the Birdie Bell can be filled with large chunks or balls of suet for a high-energy menu.

The coated wire is sturdy, and the 6-inch hanging hook is convenient for placing the Birdie Bell in different locations, though the loop may be too small to hook easily over thicker branches or poles. The open design allows clinging birds to access the feeder from all sides. The coating also prevents rust and decay, though there is no cover to protect the feeder’s contents from rain or snow.

The feeder is opened through the bottom, which can be a problem if the simple hook closure loosens: the weight of the filling could inadvertently open the feeder and spill the contents. Exceptionally clever squirrels will quickly learn how to open the feeder, so birders should take steps to prevent squirrels from getting to the cage.

An inexpensive and simple feeder, the Birdie Bell is nonetheless ingenious for its versatility. This feeder would make a great addition to any backyard feeding station or as part of a gift package including a range of filling materials.

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Disclosure: A review sample was provided by Duncraft. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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