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Feeders and Feeding

The way to a bird’s heart is through its stomach, and with the right bird feeders, seed and other foods you can attract birds with a bountiful buffet. Not sure what feeders are best or which seed will attract which species? You can find that information here as well.
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Get Started Feeding Birds
It's easy to get started feeding birds, and these fives simple steps can help you choose the best bird feeders and attract a hungry backyard flock even if you've never had a bird feeder before.

Attract Birds With Food
Adding the best natural and supplemental food sources to your yard is the easiest way to attract birds. Learn what different types of foods birds eat and how you can start feeding more species.

Top 10 Bird Feeding Mistakes
Avoid these top 10 bird feeding mistakes and you'll easily attract a wide range of hungry birds to your backyard feeders.

Bird Feeding Myths
Bird feeding is a wonderful hobby that can bring a diverse flock right to your backyard, but there are many bird feeding myths that can discourage novice birders from putting out their own feeders. By understanding the facts, you can learn to disregard these 12 bird feeding myths and enjoy the birds at your backyard feeders.

Benefits of Bird Feeding
Other than seeing new species, feeding the birds has many great benefits backyard birders can enjoy. From weed control to education to photography, learn the benefits of bird feeding you can enjoy.

Bully Birds at the Feeders
If your backyard birds are being bullied at the feeders, these tips can help you discourage those "bully birds" so everyone can have a snack.

Bird Diet Types
Understanding the types of diets a bird prefers can help backyard birders know what food to offer their favorite species, and dietary habits can help birders know where to look for different birds in the field. Includes bird species examples.

Feeding Orioles
Tips for feeding orioles in your backyard, including what foods they eat and different oriole feeders you can choose.

Simple Bird Suet Recipe
Tips for making bird suet including a simple homemade suet recipe for backyard birds.

Customize Your Suet Recipes
Knowing what unique ingredients you can add to customize your suet recipe is a great way to create special suet cakes to attract specific birds. Includes details on which birds like which ingredients, and how to customize store-bought suet cakes.

How to Offer Suet to Backyard Birds
Tips for how to offer suet to backyard birds, including a discussion of different types of suet feeders and how to avoid the most common problems when offering suet to backyard birds.

Keep Suet From Melting
Summer is a great time to feed birds suet, but melted suet can be dangerous and unhealthy. These tips can help you keep your suet firm and fresh even on the hottest days.

Suet Tips and Recipes
This extensive collection of suet recipes from Sialis can help birders perfect blends to attract bluebirds and other suet-loving species. Also includes suet feeder tips and the differences between homemade suet and commercial blends.

Is Feeding Ducks Bread Bad?
Feeding ducks bread is unhealthy and can lead to malnutrition, diseases and behavior changes, but there are many alternative treats that can be given to ducks.

What to Feed a Baby Bird
Should you feed baby wild birds by hand, and what do they eat? These tips can help you make the right choices to help baby birds that may be hungry. Includes a list of good and bad foods to feed baby birds.

Your Squirrel Feeder Photos
Submit your photos of feeder-raiding squirrels for this reader gallery of backyard squirrels and bird feeders. Your squirrel-proof feeding stations are also welcome.See submissions

What Do Turkeys Eat?
Learn what wild turkeys eat and you will have a better chance of finding them in the field or offering them a nutritious feast in your backyard.

Bird Digestion
Bird digestion can impact what foods they choose, and understanding how birds eat and digest can help you offer the best backyard buffet.

How to Offer Nyjer to Backyard Birds
Tips for how to offer Nyjer to your backyard birds easily and economically, including what are the best bird feeders for Nyjer and how to avoid problems when feeding Nyjer.

Make a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder
Instructions and tips for turning a plastic bottle into an easy bird feeder. Great project for kids and backyard birders of all ages, and a fantastic way to recycle plastic bottles.

Protect Winter Bird Feeders
Tips for how to keep winter bird feeders free of ice and snow so they can feed a wide variety of backyard birds all winter long.

Seed-Bearing Flowers for Birds
Planting seed-bearing flowers for birds is an easy and effective way to attract birds to your backyard with a natural food source and save money on birdseed at the same time.

What Do Penguins Eat?
What foods are best for penguins? Learn about their diets, how they forage and what you can do to ensure all penguins have healthy, nutritious foods to hunt.

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