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Bird Conservation

Bird-friendly birders do more than observe, they practice wildlife conservation and are aware of issues threatening different species of birds. Learn how to get involved here.
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10 Fast, Free Ways to Help Birds
Bird conservation doesn't need to mean donating to huge organizations - these 10 easy ways to help birds are all free and can be done quickly by both novice and expert birders.

The Importance of Bird Conservation
Bird conservation is important for many reasons, including ecology, education, appreciation, biodiversity and environmental awareness, and there are many ways anyone can help.

Migratory Bird Act
In 1918 when the Migratory Bird Act was passed, no birds were protected, and today, more than 1,000 bird species are protected by this comprehensive legislation. Learn more about the treaty, which birds are and aren't protected and what the penalties are for violations.

Great Backyard Bird Count
The Great Backyard Bird Count is a highlight of winter birding. Learn what it is and get tips for participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Project FeederWatch
Details about Project FeederWatch, including how to participate, registration fees and project history.

Federal Duck Stamp Program
Overview of the Federal Duck Stamp program and why it is important for birders to participate in this conservation initiative. Includes details of where to buy Duck Stamps.

How Do Airports Prevent Bird Strikes
Airports can use multiple wildlife conservation and management techniques to minimize the risk of bird strikes.

Game Birds and Hunting
Birders and hunters don't have to be enemies, and hunting game birds can be beneficial for bird conservation.

Bird Banding
Bird banding is essential to conservation. Learn about the types of bird bands, how birds are banded and what information is gathered through bird banding.

Captive Bird Breeding
Is breeding birds in captivity good or bad? It can help bird conservation, but captive bird breeding programs do have their critics.

BirdProject Soaps
Review of BirdProject Soaps, an eco-conscious product that helps support the rescue and rehabilitation of birds affected by the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.

Beach Bird Safety Tips
Tips for beachgoers to enjoy a visit to the beach without disturbing or harming wild and nesting birds.

How to Dispose of Dead Birds Safely
Tips for disposing of dead birds safely, including when it is necessary to contact authorities.

Zoos and Bird Conservation
Birds in a zoo may not count on a life list, but they can be critical for bird conservation. Learn what zoos do to help birds, and how you can help zoos continue their conservation work.

Bird Extinction Ethics
Can extinct birds be brought back to life? Learn how science is working on the issue and what pros and cons conservationists debate about whether de-extinction is a good idea.

15 Items to Recycle for the Birds
A lot of common materials can be recycled to help the birds, attract more birds to your backyard or share your love of birding with others. Get started with these easy 15 items to recycle for the birds.

Causes of Bird Die-Offs
Bird die-offs can be disturbing and may seem like harbingers of greater environmental problems, but die-offs are more common than many birders realize and there are many reasons why dozens, hundreds or even thousands of birds may die at once. Understanding the causes of bird die-offs can help put these events into perspective and encourage...

Natural Disasters and Birds
Natural disasters can be devastating to wild birds in many ways, and understanding natrual hazards can prepare birders to help birds when nature gets nasty.

Discourage Feral Cats
Feral cats kill thousands of birds, but these tips offer a range of ways to discourage feral cats from visiting your yard to keep your backyard birds safe.

When Birds Hit Windows
Do you know what to do if a bird hits your windows? These tips can help you make the best decisions to keep the bird safe and help it recover.

Conservation Gifts for Birders
Give the gift of conservation with these gift ideas that help birds. Includes ideas for all budgets and types of bird-lovers.

Help Your Local Refuges
Wildlife refuges of all sizes are vital to help bird conservation. Learn what refuges do to help wildlife, and what you can do to help refuges in return.

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