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Ducks are some of the most widespread, numerous waterfowl in the world. The more than 140 species of ducks worldwide have stunning variety in size, plumage and behavior, and the information below can help you learn more about ducks. From duck identification to pictures of ducks to profiles of duck species to feeding ducks, these tips can help you enjoy all of these wonderful waterfowl.
  1. Duck Basics
  2. Duck Species
  3. Duck Identification
  4. Duck Pictures
  5. Feeding Ducks

Duck Basics


Learn the basic characteristics of ducks and what makes them unique in the world of birds and you'll be well on your way to appreciating these waterfowl.

Duck Species

Mandarin Duck

There are more than 140 duck species in the world, and they vary greatly. Exotic ducks are often imported to parks and gardens, giving everyone a chance to see some very unique duck species.

Duck Identification

Muscovy Duck

Many duck species are distinctive, but others can look very similar and may be hard to positively identify. These tips can help you be confident with identifying every duck you see.

Duck Pictures

Harlequin Duck

Ducks can be some of the most beautiful birds in the world. Check out these duck photo galleries to see more of these stunning birds, or add your own duck photos to the reader galleries.

Feeding Ducks

Mallard Duckling

Ducks are omnivores that will eat almost anything, but what are the healthiest foods for ducks? Learn more about proper duck feeding so you can enjoy bringing treats to the local duck pond.

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