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Winter Birding


Winter is a great birding season and one that is often overlooked. It's not a season of migration or breeding, but there are more birds about in winter than many birders realize. Even on the coldest days, it's possible to enjoy winter birds both in the field and in the backyard, and the tips below can help you enjoy every feathered friend in your area all winter long.
  1. Winter Field Birding Tips
  2. Backyard Birding in Winter
  3. Feeding Winter Birds
  1. Winter Birds to Watch For
  2. Winter Bird Pictures
  3. Fun With Winter Birds

Winter Field Birding Tips

Black-Capped Chickadee

Getting out and about in the winter can be well worthwhile to find a range of beautiful birds. A prepared birder is a safe birder and one who will see more birds, know which birds they see and understand just how unusual some of their winter visitors may be.

Backyard Birding in Winter

Pine Siskins at Sock Feeders

Winter is a unique season for backyard birding because it is critical to help birds survive freezing weather with appropriate shelter, food and water. Birders who take steps to attract winter birds will find a healthy, varied winter flock eager to keep them company all winter long.

Feeding Winter Birds

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Birds are hungry all year round, but feeding birds in winter is especially important when natural food sources become more scarce. Learn what types of food are best for winter birds and how to offer it so all birds can enjoy a delicious winter feast.

Winter Birds to Watch For

Common Redpoll

An amazing the variety of birds that can be found both in the backyard and in the field all winter long. While many familiar birds stay around all winter, the colder season also brings northern visitors to enjoy.

Winter Bird Pictures

Winter Quail

Even if you don't get out into the cold to find your own winter birds, there are plenty of beautiful bird photos that highlight just how lovely birds can be in colder seasons. Browse these photo galleries, and don't forget to submit your own winter bird photos to share.

Fun With Winter Birds

Snow Bunting

Liven up a dreary winter season by enjoying birds in fun seasonal ways. From getting out birding to bringing birds to you, it is possible to enjoy feathered fun even in the fiercest winter weather.

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