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Spring Birding


Spring is a fantastic season for birding and the favorite time of year for many birders. With warming temperatures, blossoming flowers and returning migrants, what's not to love? The tips below can help you make the most of every day of spring birding both in the field and in your own bird-friendly backyard, no matter how short or long the season may be.
  1. Spring Migration
  2. Spring Field Birding Tips
  3. Backyard Birding in Spring
  1. Feeding Spring Birds
  2. Spring Birds to Watch For
  3. Fun With Spring Birds

Spring Migration


Migration is a highlight of spring birding for many birders, but when exactly can you expect migrating birds to arrive? Learning about migration can help you enjoy every bird that passes by throughout the season.

Spring Field Birding Tips

Yellow Warbler

Visiting favorite hotspots in spring is sure to yield new birds every day as migrants pass through and summer residents arrive. These tips can help you take advantage of every birding opportunity you have during this amazing season.

Backyard Birding in Spring

Painted Bunting

One of the most exciting spring moments for any birder is seeing a favorite species return to the backyard. Get your backyard ready to welcome returning migrants with these tips for backyard birding in spring.

Feeding Spring Birds

House Finch on Feeder

Spring birds are eagerly looking for rich food sources, not only to refuel from their grueling migration but also to stay healthy for attracting mates, producing eggs and raising hatchlings. Offering good foods is a sure way to enjoy spring birds.

Spring Birds to Watch For

Spring Robin

Every birder has favorite species they enjoy in every season, and some of the most popular spring birds are not only those that are first to arrive and signal the end of winter, but also those with colorful plumage that is welcome after winter's white.

Fun With Spring Birds

House Sparrow in Spring

On the warm, bright days of spring, there's always more fun to have with birds! Enjoy these great activities that can get you out and enjoying every seasonal bird as well as bringing them right to you.

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