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Autumn Birding


Fall is a fantastic time for birding - birds are migrating, the fall foliage is changing and temperatures are dropping from summer's heat. From fall migration to seasonal tips for both the field and the backyard to what birds you can expect to see more of in autumn, these autumn birding tips can help you make the most of this birding season.
  1. Fall Migration
  2. Autumn Field Birding Tips
  3. Backyard Birding in Fall
  4. Feeding Fall Birds
  5. Autumn Birds to Watch For

Fall Migration


Migration is the highlight of autumn birding, but when is it and how can you take advantage of it to enjoy more birds? Learning all about fall migration can help you plan your autumn birding easily.

Autumn Field Birding Tips

Fall Bird

You won't want to miss any opportunities to head out into the field during autumn, from visiting your favorite birding hotspots to taking advantage of seasonal pelagic trips. Proper preparation is necessary, however, to see the best birds.

Backyard Birding in Fall

White Breasted Nuthatch

One of the best places to enjoy fall birds is right in your own backyard. These tips can help you make your yard more attractive to fall birds, attract autumn migrants and be a hospitable host for any birds passing through at this time of year.

Feeding Fall Birds


The best way to attract autumn birds is with a bountiful buffet that will help give them the energy for their migration needs. Birds have different feeding preferences in fall, and if you offer them the right foods, they will be healthier for their journeys.

Autumn Birds to Watch For

Fall Mallard

While warblers and hummingbirds may be history at this time of year, there are plenty of outstanding birds to watch for during migration and as winter residents arrive. Learn what birds you're most likely to see in autumn.

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