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More Fun With Penguins


Penguins are quirky, unique birds that enchant birders and non-birders alike with their upright posture, waddling gate, distinct personalities and expressive behaviors. While there are only 18 penguin species in the world, they have inspired countless movies, crafts, artwork, games, sports teams and more; learn how you can have fun with penguins of all types with these unique resources!

Swim With Penguins

African Penguin
Harvey Barrison

The ultimate penguin fun for birders is to actually swim with these pelagic birds in their natural habitat, which you can do on Boulders Beach in South Africa. Easily accessible from Cape Town, this beach is home year-round to wild African penguins, and while it is illegal to touch or harass the birds, they are used to humans and won't mind sharing a swim.

Penguin Party Ideas

Alan Cleaver

If you want to celebrate penguins right at home, a penguin party theme can be the perfect idea. From invitations to decorations to food to favors, these tips can help you shake a tail feather for some fantastic fun, and you can even add penguin party games to your event to make it totally penguin-tastic!

Penguin Truffles Candy

Penguin Cake Pop
niner bakes

Indulge in penguin decadence with these fun themed chocolate truffles. An elegant dessert or perfect for a unique party treat, this recipe is sure to impress family members, friends and guests, and is just as much fun to eat as it is to make. You might also try decorating cupcakes, cake pops or full cakes with a silly penguin theme.

Stolen Penguin Urban Legend

Magellanic Penguin

Could you steal a penguin from an aquarium or zoo? This is a persistent urban legend that pops up every few years, getting enough public attention to lead captive penguin facilities to count their resident flocks just to be sure no members have gone missing. Learn how the rumor started and why it would be impossible to actually pull off.

Prehistoric Penguins

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Scott Kinmartin

What does a tyrannosaurus rex have in common with penguins? Specifically, the giant penguin, Inkayacu and Kairuku are all prehistoric penguin species that have gone extinct. Learning about these penguin ancestors and why they vanished can help enhance protection for today's penguin species, which is especially critical since 13 of the 18 species are endangered, threatened or vulnerable.

Draw a Penguin

Penguin Cartoon
S. Encarnacion

Show off your artistic side by learning how to draw a cartoon penguin, then using your drawings for a wide range of craft projects, cards, gifts and other fun. If you want to get even more creative, add accents and details to make an ice-skating penguin cartoon, show you're thankful for penguins with a pilgrim penguin cartoon or come up with your own funny penguin design.

Penguin Artwork

Penguin Painting
Mystic Aquarium

If you're not artistically talented, you can still enjoy penguin-themed artwork if you let the penguins paint it for you. Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut uses painting activities as enrichment activities for its penguins, and the avian artists create unique works for sale in the gift shop, either as original paintings or less expensive prints. Both are a great way to support penguin conservation and enhance your home décor in a penguin-esque way.

Penguin Movies


Penguins are charismatic birds, and it's no surprise that they are silver screen stars in many fun and entertaining movies perfect for the whole family. From animated features to documentaries, there are many ways to enjoy the behavior and antics of penguins from the comfort of your own home.

One Hundred Penguins Puzzle

Emperor Penguin and Chicks
Ian Duffy

Putting together a puzzle is a fun family activity, even more so when it involves the tricky plumage and similar shapes of a flock of penguins. If you don't want to buy a puzzle and risk losing pieces, there are also online puzzles featuring penguins, such as a digital emperor penguin puzzle you can play for free.

Penguin Totem

Chinstrap Penguin
Liam Quinn

Do you feel a spiritual kinship with penguins? If you do, the penguin may be your animal totem. A playful but perseverant animal, the penguin totem is often associated with out of body experiences and other spiritual journeys, or in less esoteric terms, learning a balance between work and play.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins

Support the athletic nature of these strong, powerful, pelagic birds by rooting for your favorite penguin sports team, whether it is for professional ice hockey with the Pittsburgh Penguins or Division I college sports with the Youngstown State University Penguins in Ohio.

Penguin Heart Craft

Penguin Heart Craft
Sherri Osborn

Show your love of penguins with this simple craft project making a paper penguin from different sizes of heart shapes and accented with googly eyes. Ideal for Valentine's Day or any winter craft, this is a good, easy project for young penguin enthusiasts. If you have more crafty skill, you can build a miniature walking penguin perfect for a doll house.

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