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10 Bird Gifts for Non-Birders

Bird-Themed Gifts for Everyone


Many birders are passionate about their hobby and would love to share it with others, but it isn’t always appropriate to give a birding-oriented gift to someone who doesn’t share that passion. There is a wide range of gifts that relate to birds and birding, however, that can be perfect even for friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers and others on a gift list who aren’t dedicated birders.

1. Books

Isabelle Palatin

Books make great gifts for holidays and birthdays, and it is easy to find a book that features birds in a positive and meaningful way. From bird artwork books such as Audubon’s Aviary to birding mysteries, children’s books and history books about birds, adding bird-related titles to a gift recipient’s library can be welcome gifts.

To Give: The Boreal Owl Murder

2. Bird-Themed Trinkets

BirdProject Soaps
Melissa Mayntz

Whether that someone special enjoys artwork, collects salt-and-pepper shakers, wears hand-crafted jewelry, uses candles or collects miniatures, there are bird-themed items available for many different types of décor or accessories. Depending on what you want to give, you can even select gifts from sustainable sources or that will donate to bird conservation with every purchase.

To Give: BirdProject Soaps

3. Stationery

Fountain Pen
Luis Argerich

A matching set of stationery with envelopes, a set of note cards or a colorful bookmark is a great option to give anyone who appreciates handwritten letters or personal touches. There are thousands of bird-themed designs available for all types of stationery, from realistic art reproductions to colorful and comical bird papers and notes.

To Give: Lynn Kerr Bird Artwork

4. Coloring Books

Chris Metcalf

A fun coloring book or activity book with puzzles, games and stickers is ideal to give a young child and can help foster creativity and hand-eye coordination. A bird-themed coloring book can also introduce the child to birds and birding, and many bird coloring books also include information about each species depicted, creating a simple color-your-own field guide.

To Give: North American Bird Coloring Book

5. Music

Lindsey Bieda

For a fun, comical twist on favorite holiday tunes or popular classical compositions, give the give of music augmented with bird songs, calls and chirps, such as The Nutcracker Tweet & Other Tchaikovsky Favorites. For a less tongue-in-beak gift, opt for instrumental music blended with nature songs that include subtle bird sounds.

To Give: Carol of the Birds (And Other Christmas Tweets)

6. Gardening Tools

Garden Tools
The Greenery Nursery and Garden Shop

Any gardener will appreciate the gift of new work gloves, hand-sized tools, plant labels, seeds and other green-thumbed accessories. These same gifts can be gifts to birds as well, however, since a garden-friendly yard is also a bird-friendly yard. Gardening books, a straw hat or bird-themed garden accents, such as stepping stones or plant markers, are also great options.

To Give: Wild Bird Wheel

7. Flower Garden Accessories

Blanket Flower
Kunal Mukherjee

A gardener who specializes in flowers will appreciate the gift of seeds for flowers that attract hummingbirds or seed-bearing flowers for birds, or give them accessories that can bring even more color to their flowerbeds, such as a small hummingbird feeder – the Planter Box Hummingbird Feeder is ideal – or a bird house decorated with its own flower beds.

To Give: Copper Hummingbird Swing

8. Birdseed Ornaments

Birdseed Ornament
Melissa Mayntz

Giving a bird feeder isn’t a good option for a non-birding friend, since the feeder will require regular cleaning and refills. Instead, opt for edible feeders such as decorative bird houses coated in seed, a sunflower seed wreath or other whimsical shape or even a pot of outdoor flowers birds can sip nectar from. Once the birds have discovered the feeder, your non-birding friend may discover they love birds too.

To Give: Homemade Birdseed Ornaments

9. Field Guide

Yellow-Throated Euphonia
Miles Tuttle

The idea of giving a field guide to someone uninterested in birds may seem like a poor choice, but it depends on the recipient. If they already feed backyard birds casually or have asked you several times to help identify a bird, a simple field guide for your local area or a regional basic guide can be an appreciated gift. Make it more special by using page flags to tag birds you know they have already seen, and you’ve started them keeping a life list.

To Give: Pocket Naturalist Guides

10. Bird Houses

Valerie Everett

Many people use bird houses as decorative accessories in a yard or garden even if they don’t take other steps toward backyard birding, and giving a bird house as a gift can help make their yard more bird-friendly even if they don’t realize it. Choose a house that is safe for birds and is more likely to attract birds that use houses in your area, and your non-birding friend may be an avian landlord before they know it. Kits or unique options such as the GreenBird House are also great for kids or crafty individuals.

To Give: Bird House Kits

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