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Other Foods for Birds

Understanding what birds eat and offering the right foods for birds is the best way to feed backyard birds so they have a nutritious diet. The best foods for birds are healthier and will attract more birds, and here you will find descriptions and discussions of the different types of foods for wild birds so you can make the best choice for what to offer at your backyard buffet.

Good Bread for Birds
While bread is not usually good for birds, it is possible to feed birds good bread if you choose the right bread and make a bird-friendly "sandwich" to offer.

Birds That Eat Nyjer
Nyjer is a popular birdseed, but if you fill your feeders with it, what birds will you have visiting? Dozens of familiar birds will eat Nyjer seed.

Peanuts are an easy, popular and nutritious food to offer backyard birds, and these tips can help you feed them in many ways to attract many different birds. Includes a list of birds that eat peanuts and tips for growing peanuts.

How to Offer Nuts to Backyard Birds
Nuts are a great food for many backyard birds, but what feeders are best for offering nuts? Learn the different types of nut feeders as well as other tips for how to offer nuts to backyard birds.

No Waste Bird Foods
There are a variety of no waste bird foods that can make feeding the birds easy and convenient without this mess.

Kitchen Scraps to Feed Birds
Birds can eat a range of different kitchen scraps, from bread products to meat scraps to fruits, vegetables and even eggs. This list of kitchen scraps to feed birds discusses which scraps are suitable and how to offer them at your backyard feeders.

What Do Ducks Eat?
Ducks have a widely varied diet, but what factors influence their favorite foods? Learning what ducks eat can help you choose the best foods to offer ducks in your backyard or at local ponds. Also includes what ducks shouldn't eat.

What to Feed Ducks
Feeding ducks can be fun, but what food should you offer for a nutritious duck diet? Includes additional tips for feeding ducks and geese at local ponds.

Best Winter Bird Foods
There are many great foods to offer your backyard birds, and these top winter foods are great options for the coldest months.

What Winter Birds Eat
Winter might seem like a lean season, but there are plenty of winter foods for birds available in the wild. Backyard birders can also help their feathered friends by providing good winter foods for a backyard buffet.

What Do Woodpeckers Eat?
Woodpeckers change their diet every season, but what foods do they eat? Knowning what woodpeckers eat can help backyard birders choose the best foods for feeding woodpeckers.

Fruit Trees for Birds
Tips for choosing fruit-bearing trees for birds as a natural, renewable food source, including what types of birds eat fruit and a list of the best fruit trees for birds.

Seed-Bearing Flowers for Birds
Planting seed-bearing flowers for birds is an easy and effective way to attract birds to your backyard with a natural food source and save money on birdseed at the same time.

Food for Birds of Prey
Descriptions and examples of the varied diet of birds of prey, including which species of raptors eat specific animals. Also includes tips for protecting backyard birds from raptors.

NePo Suet - Handcrafted Suet Cakes
Review of NePo Suet Company products for feeding backyard birds, including assorted suet cakes and suet crumbles.

Worst Foods for Birds
Not all foods are good for birds, and this list of the top 10 bad foods for birds can help you be sure you're offering safe, healthy options at your backyard feeders.

Birds That Eat Suet
Dozens of different birds eat suet, but which ones are in your backyard? This list of suet-eating birds includes tips for offering suet and keeping it safe from pests.

Birds That Eat Fruit
Fruit is an easy and popular food to add to a bird feeding station, but what birds may eat fruit? Includes tips for how to attract birds to your backyard by offering fruit.

Types of Suet
With so many different types of suet available, how do you know what flavors and shapes will appeal to your backyard birds? These tips can help you choose the best suet.

Birds That Eat Nuts
From peanuts to almonds and walnuts to beechnuts, there are nuts that appeal to birds, and many birds that eat nuts. Learn which nuts birds will eat and which birds will enjoy a nutty snack, including tips for how to offer nuts to birds.

Mealworms can be a great addition to your backyard buffet, but what birds will enjoy the treat? Learn all about mealworms and how to raise your own if you want to offer these insects as bird food.

Pacific Bird and Supply Company
If you want to offer nutritious, natural roasted mealworms and other dried insects or suet blends to your backyard birds, Pacific Bird and Supply Co. has just what you need. Learn more about these innovative Treats, Toppings and blends that can please all your backyard birds.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
All about black oil sunflower seeds as birdseed, including which birds eat sunflower seeds, nutritional information and how to grow your own birdseed sunflowers.

White proso millet is a popular birdseed with good nutrition that will attract a wide variety of backyard birds. These tips can help you offer millet appropriately and even grow your own.

Winter Bird Suet
Are you offering the best suet to your winter birds? Learn which ingredients are essential for winter suet cakes and how to feed this food to winter backyard birds.

Calcium for Birds
Help keep your nesting backyard birds healthy by offering supplemental calcium at your feeders in spring and summer.

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