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Traditional Bird Seed Wreath

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Traditional Bird Seed Wreath

Traditional Bird Seed Wreath


The Bottom Line

Simple and classic, the Traditional Bird Seed Wreath from Duncraft is an easy, ideal feeder for all winter backyard birds and makes a thoughtful gift for any birder or nature lover. Molded from dense, high quality seed, this consumable winter feeder is a practical and attractive addition to any winter bird feeding station.


  • High quality seed blend will appeal to a wide range of common winter backyard bird species.
  • Natural jute twine hanger and red raffia ribbon bow can be recycled as nesting materials.
  • Sturdy, dense construction helps the wreath keep its shape even when moderately exposed to unpredictable winter weather.


  • Wreath may become waterlogged and could break off the hanger. If consumed quickly this will not be an issue, and hanging the feeder in a sheltered location can minimize this problem.


  • Name: Traditional Bird Seed Wreath (Item Number 3106)
  • Manufacturer: Duncraft
  • Feeder Type: Molded seed cake
  • Height: 7” (17.8 cm) – not including hanging twine
  • Width: 7" (17.8 cm) by 2” (5.1 cm) thick
  • Capacity: N/A – Single use, fully edible feeder
  • Construction: Molded birdseed with jute twine hanger, natural raffia decorative bow
  • Price: $15.95 (via Duncraft; prices from other retailers may vary)

Review - Traditional Bird Seed Wreath

Decorating a Christmas tree for birds is a simple matter when you add a Traditional Seed Wreath from Duncraft to any tree for an instant bird feeder. This handcrafted, molded wreath is constructed entirely of high quality birdseed, including:

Black oil sunflower seed makes up the vast majority of the wreath, with just enough other seeds to fill in the gaps between sunflower seeds for a dense, thick feeder that can sate the appetites of many common winter backyard birds. Because these wreaths are handmade, the exact composition of each individual wreath may vary, but all seeds are suitable for a number of backyard bird species, including black-capped chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, eastern bluebirds and other favorite winter visitors.

The 7-inch wreath is molded into an elegant fluted shape that gives it even more of a decorative touch, and the red raffia ribbon attached at the top adds a splash of bright color that makes the wreath even more attractive as a yard decoration. Small birds will also find clinging to the fluted edges easier than feeding on a smooth wreath.

A rough jute twine hanger is attached to the top of the wreath and has enough length to be hung from a hook or tree branch. A strong suction cup hook could also be used to hang this birdseed wreath on a door or window to bring feeding birds up close for fantastic views. If the wreath is hung in an unprotected area, however, it may become waterlogged with sleet or melting snow, and it is possible that it could become too heavy for the hanger and chunks may fall off. Birds would happily feed from the pieces, but to avoid this birders can hang the wreath in a sheltered location, beneath a large baffle or nestled into a pine tree that will not only provide protection from the weather but will also provide convenient perches for feeding birds.

In addition to this mixed birdseed wreath, Duncraft also offers a range of other edible, molded feeder products, including a black oil sunflower seed wreath, birdseed balls, mini wreaths and novelty shapes such as hearts, stockings and bells. Some products are available in species-specific blends, such as a seed blends designed for chickadees, cardinals or woodpeckers. Smaller items are available in sets that can be given as small gifts or used for extra feeders or practical bird feeding decorations.

Simple, attractive and easy to use, the Traditional Bird Seed Wreath from Duncraft is a great winter bird feeder and can be the perfect gift for both birders and birds alike.

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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