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Holiday Chalet

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Holiday Chalet

Holiday Chalet


The Bottom Line

Adding the Holiday Chalet to your backyard buffet adds instant seasonal cheer wherever you feed birds. The blinking light strand on this sturdy cedar feeder adds bright color to make you happy, even while the five pound seed capacity and space for suet will make birds happy. A great gift for any birder, this feeder is an equally fun gift for the birds that will enjoy it.


  • Fun lights, with batteries included, add a holiday touch to backyard bird feeding.
  • Large seed capacity with side mesh baskets for suet or other foods provides a large feeding station for multiple birds.
  • Sturdy cedar construction is weather and insect resistant for years of practical use.


  • On-off switch for the light strand is under the roof, requiring the roof to be lifted for the lights to be used effectively.
  • Lacks drainage holes or mesh in the feeder base, but the large roof provides some protection from excessive moisture.


  • Name: Holiday Chalet (Model #50144LITE)
  • Manufacturer / Retailer: Perky-Pet
  • Feeder Type: Seeds and birdseed mixes plus suet cakes
  • Height: 10" (25.4 cm) to tallest peak of roof, not including hanging rope
  • Width: 12" (30.5 cm) x 7.5" (19.1 cm)
  • Capacity: 5 pounds of seed (depending on seed type) with two standard suet cakes
  • Construction: Wood structure with vinyl coated wire side baskets and plastic see-through sides
  • Price: $27 (via Perky-Pet; prices from other retailers may vary)

Review - Holiday Chalet

For a holiday touch to your backyard bird feeding you can't beat the Holiday Chalet from Perky-Pet with its festive strand of 20 blinking LED lights. Batteries are included with the feeder (three AA batteries run the strand), and the battery pack is positioned under the roof peak to protect it from moisture. That does mean, however, the roof must be lifted in order to turn the lights on and off, which can be awkward. The light strand is firmly stapled along the roofline of the feeder and while it may seem to be a tangle hazard for birds that land on the roof – outdoor decorations can be a hazard to birds – the wire is flexible enough and secure enough not to cause frequent problems.

Practical backyard birders, however, know that the decorations on the feeder are secondary to how practical the feeder is, and the Holiday Chalet does not disappoint with its usefulness. Other than its decorative strand of lights, it is identical to Perky-Pet's Deluxe Chalet feeder design. Constructed of aromatic cedar wood with panels and roof .5" (1.3 cm.) thick, the feeder is both weather and insect resistant for years of use. The sides of the feeder are clear plastic so seed levels can be easily seen, and both panels can be fully removed for easy cleaning. Long openings at the bottom of the sides are perfect for black oil sunflower seeds or any typical mixed birdseed. A vinyl-coated wire mesh basket is attached to each end of the feeder, perfect for suet cakes, in-shell peanuts, chunks of fruit or other foods to offer birds a more varied meal and to attract more species to the feeder.

To protect the five pounds of seed this feeder can hold from snow or rain, the plastic sides extend very close to the peak of the roof, with just a small vent at the top to prevent condensation. The sides of the roof are wide enough to shelter the feeder's base, including the mesh cages, though there are no drainage holes or mesh to remove excess moisture from the bottom of the feeder where seed may accumulate. An extra piece of wood over the roof's crease ensures no moisture will drip inside the feeder from the top.

A thick rope hanger is attached to an interior crossbeam beneath the roof of the feeder. Because the rope is just a single length attached at only one point, it cannot be easily hung from a branch, but instead requires a hook that can be placed through the upper knot. The wooden base of the feeder is solid and can also have a bracket (sold separately) attached to mount the feeder on a pole. If the hanging rope is removed, a small touch of putty or a plug can be used to seal the hole and keep the interior of the feeder dry.

The Holiday Chalet from Perky-Pet is a bright, cheerful feeder with its festive light strand, and while the lights will not attract additional birds to the feeder – birds likely to visit the feeder are not typically feeding at night when the lights would be on – they can help spread the word to the neighborhood about the joys of feeding birds. Add this feeder to your winter feeding stations (or give it as a gift to your holiday light-loving neighbors) and you just may see more feeders in the neighborhood and more birds enjoying all the bounty available.

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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