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Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder

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Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder

Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder


The Bottom Line

Attractive and simple, the Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder is an innovative style with a bottom-feeding design that discourages large, aggressive birds from usurping the feeder and devouring the suet before smaller birds can feed. With neutral colors and a classic house-like design, this suet feeder is an easy and welcome addition to a backyard suet feeding station, and with a size that accommodates standard suet cakes, it is easily usable with any commercial or homemade suet.


  • Attractive neutral colors and faux wood grain texture give the feeder a natural appeal to suit any garden or backyard decor.
  • The upside down style naturally excludes the largest birds that can usurp the feeder while providing ample feeding space for smaller clinging birds.
  • Recycled plastic eco-friendly construction will not warp, bend, crack or discolor, giving the feeder a long lifespan in all climates.


  • Solid case prevents seeing the suet level at a glance to determine refilling needs.
  • Lacks a fastener to keep the wire mesh closed and may be susceptible to industrious feeder pests.


  • Name: Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder (model no. 3015)
  • Manufacturer: Duncraft
  • Feeder Type: Suet
  • Height: 3.5" (14.0 cm) – not including hanging wire
  • Width: 6.75" (17.1 cm) x 7.25" (18.4 cm)
  • Capacity: One standard-sized suet cake
  • Construction: Recycled plastic
  • Price: $34.95 (via Duncraft; prices from other retailers may vary)

Review - Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder

Offering suet is a fantastic way to attract woodpeckers, nuthatches and other clinging birds to your backyard, but unfortunately those same suet feeders are often mobbed by less desirable birds including European starlings, common grackles and other large birds that can quickly strip away every trace of suet before small birds can feed. The Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder from Duncraft is designed to eliminate that type of feeder crowding by making the suet inaccessible to larger, more boisterous birds, but still allowing smaller birds to easily reach the suet from the bottom wire mesh feeding panel.

The wire mesh is held securely in place by a pair of deep grooves, though there is no hook or latch to keep it from being maneuvered open by an industrious squirrel. Given the size of the feeder, however, most squirrels would not be able to cling to the recycled plastic materials well enough to get the leverage to raid the feeder. Those same materials are easy to clean and resist any fading, cracking, warping or grease staining that can affect other suet feeders, giving this feeder much greater durability for years of use.

A 9.5-inch (24.1 cm) coated hanging wire is securely attached through the peak of the feeder's angled roof. The small holes where the wire is strung, as well as the seam along the roof's peak, may permit minor moisture to seep into the feeder and onto the suet, but not to the same degree that open mesh feeders can become waterlogged.

Because of this feeder's upside down design, it is less susceptible to wind movement than upright suet feeders. This allows it to be placed in a greater range of locations to offer suet to more backyard birds, and because of the solid roof and side construction, it is more resistant to the effects of weather overall. With its faux wood grain texture, tan sides and darker brown roof, this feeder is an attractive addition to a feeding station in any part of the yard, though it may be more attractive to clinging birds if placed near trees where they would naturally feed.

Simple yet innovative, the Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder from Duncraft is a small but useful feeder for any backyard birder who has had difficulties with large birds mobbing suet feeders and bullying smaller birds away from the treat. Sturdy and durable, this feeder is a fine addition to any backyard feeding station where suet is a popular meal.

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