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Feeder Reviews

Not all bird feeders are the same, and these reviews are designed to help you find the best feeder for your backyard birds. Check out the star rankings for each feeder, and carefully read the descriptions to discover what your easiest and most efficient backyard bird feeders may be. Pros and cons for each feeder are listed, and you can add your own review as well to help other birders decide if the feeder is right for them!

Eco-Strong Mesh Feeder
A beautiful spring feeder, the Eco-Strong Mesh Feeder is a great addition to a bird-friendly backyard, offering plentiful, easy feeding to a range of backyard birds.

Fly Thru Wild Bird Feeder
Make geometry meaningful in your backyard with the Fly Thru Wild Bird Feeder, a contemporary all-mesh design ideal for small clinging birds.

Eco-Strong EZ Flow Mesh Hopper
Bring a bold burst of red to your backyard with the Eco-Strong EZ Flow Mesh Hopper from Duncraft, a colorful and versatile hopper feeder suitable for birds of all sizes.

Mrs. Snowman Bird Feeder
Add a feminine touch of winter whimsy to your backyard with the Mrs. Snowman bird feeder, a large, sturdy feeder perfect for your winter seed-loving flocks.

Reflections Woodpecker Feeder
Reflect on how much birds love peanuts when you use the Reflections Woodpecker Feeder to offer them this treat! A durable feeder great for clinging birds, this will be an effective and attractive addition to any feeding station.

Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver 200
Enjoy a fun fall feeder with great capacity while you foil squirrels and bully birds that try to take over. The Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver 200 is a great option for you to feed the birds, not the squirrels!

Moon Dust Wild Bird Feeder
Add rich color and easy feeding to your backyard with the Moon Dust Wild Bird Feeder. A whimsical design with a celestial them, this tube feeder can accommodate many birds and different types of food.

Bird-Safe Platform Feeder
Add an attractive tray feeder to your backyard buffet with the Bird-Safe Platform Feeder from Duncraft and be prepared for years of enjoyment from its durable materials and high capacity.

Pole Mount Trio Bird Feeder Set
Add more feeding space fast with the Pole Mount Trio set from Duncraft. These colorful, durable feeders attach instantly to any one-inch pole, adding a convenient dish to offer many different foods for birds.

Eco Fly-Thru Mealworm Feeder
If you want to offer mealworms to your backyard birds, the Eco Fly-Through Mealworm Feeder is a sturdy, environmentally-friendly option perfect for bluebirds and other mealworm-loving birds.

Holiday Chalet
Want to add festive fun to your bird feeding station? The Holiday Chalet has 20 blinking lights to help you do just that, and plenty of space to feed birds a hearty holiday banquet!

Window Watch Feeder
The Window Watch Feeder is ideal for a quaint, attractive, decorative feeder that will bring hummingbirds right up close for intimate views. Colorful and sturdy, this is a fine feeder to add to any hummingbird feeding area.

Garden Sip & Seed Bird Feeder
Add both water and seed to your backyard bird buffet with the Garden Sip & Seed Bird Feeder from Perky-Pet, a dual-reservoir feeder with three different configurations to meet your birds' needs.

Traditional Bird Seed Wreath
The Traditional Bird Seed Wreath from Duncraft is a fast, easy bird feeder made from high quality seed and can be an attractive and practical addition to any bird feeding station.

Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder
Feed backyard birds suet without feeding starlings or larger birds by offering the suet upside down with Duncraft's Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet Feeder, made from recycled plastic.

Eco-Strong Songbird Hopper Feeder
Review of Duncraft's Eco-Strong Songbird Hopper Feeder from Duncraft, a classic feeder style made from recycled plastic for extra durability in all bird-friendly backyards. Available in two sizes.

Best Hummingbird Feeders
A list of the best hummingbird feeders in a range of sizes, styles and designs. Each feeder has a full, detailed review of pros and cons.

Hum Sweet Hum Feeding System
Review of the Hum Sweet Hum Feeder System, an ingeniously innovative and durable saucer-style hummingbird feeder of exceptional size and quality from Love My Birds, LLC.

Window Mount Feeder
Review of the Window Mount Feeder from Perky-Pet, a moderately-sized nectar feeder that brings hummingbirds right to your window to feed.

Hummingbird Oasis Feeder
Review of the Hummingbird Oasis feeder from Perky-Pet, a generous capacity saucer-style hummingbird feeder that can be hung or pole-mounted.

Super Songbird Mirrored Bird Feeder
Review of the Super Songbird Mirrored Bird Feeder from Duncraft, a window feeder that brings feeding birds close for outstanding views.

Underneath Bird Feeder
Review of the Underneath Bird Feeder from Duncraft, an innovative design to offer fresh, dry seed to small birds and keep squirrels away.

Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder
Review of the Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder from Perky Pet, a large, versatile seed feeder suitable for any size backyard flock.

Birdola Stacker Stand and Stacker Seed Cakes
Review of the Stacker Stand and Stacker seed cakes from Birdola, an innovative design for feeding a wide variety of backyard birds.

Snowman Bird Feeder
Review of the "Snowman" mesh bird feeder from Duncraft, a whimsical design perfect for feeding winter birds.

Feeder Review: Magnolia Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder
Review of the Magnolia Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder from Perky-Pet.

Planter Box Hummingbird Feeder
Review of the Planter Box Hummingbird Feeder With Hanging Rod from Perky-Pet.

Squirrel Proof Selective Feeder From Duncraft
Review of the Squirrel Proof Selective caged seed feeder from Duncraft, a clever and efficient feeder designed to exclude squirrels and large birds.

Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder From Duncraft
Review of the Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder from Duncraft.

The Birdie Bell
Review of the “Birdie Bell” birdfeeder manufactured by Songbird Essentials.

Four Flower Frolic Hummingbird Feeder
Review of the Four Flower Frolic hummingbird feeder from Perky-Pet.

Hanging Squirrel Jar Feeder
While technically a squirrel feeder, backyard birders may also be surprised to have birds visit this large, sturdy feeder - perfect for welcoming all backyard wildlife.

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