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Birding Festivals

Celebrate birds by attending a birding festival! These events take advantage of a region's best birding and give birders many opportunities they wouldn't find on their own. Learn more about bird festivals or browse the updated directories below to find a birding festival to attend.

What to Expect at Birding Festivals
If you've never attended a bird or birding festival and aren't sure what to expect, this overview can give you a heads up about what festivals typically offer.

Birding Festivals in January
Start your year off with great birding when you attend one of these January birding festivals. Perfect for starting a big year or just enjoying all of winter's birds!

Birding Festivals in February
Make the shortest month your biggest birding month by attending one of these bird festivals in February. Includes festival events and links to official websites for registration and costs.

Birding Festivals in March
March bird festivals get the best of both late winter and early spring birding, and this directory of birding festivals in March can help you choose the best event for you.

Birding Festivals in April
Spring is a fantastic birding season, and you can make the most of it with these April bird festivals - the most comprehensive directory of birding festivals you'll find!

Birding Festivals in May
May is a hot month for migration, and this directory of birding festivals in May lists a wide range of events that celebrate migration with field trips, speakers, presentations and other activities. Includes updated dates for each festival.

Birding Festivals in June
Birding festivals in June take advantage of late migrants and amazing resident birds to offer bird walks, informational presentations, keynote speakers and more. This directory includes details, dates and more about a wide range of June bird festivals.

Birding Festivals in September
September is a great time to go birding, and everyone can find a fantastic festival to visit with this comprehensive list of birding festivals in September. Includes dates, locations and other details about each event for easy comparison.

Birding Festivals in November
November is an ideal month to make the most of fall migration, and birding festivals in November are scheduled for the peak of this fantastic season. This directory lists November bird festivals worldwide, including dates and festival activities to help you choose the perfect event to attend.

Hummingbird Festivals
Learn about hummingbirds at these specialized hummingbird festivals, including hummingbird banding, adoptions, presentations and more. Directory includes dates, locations and additional information.

Birding Festivals in July
July may be a slow month, but there are still birding festivals to try if you know where to look. Check out this comprehensive directory of birding festivals in July and find a way to celebrate your summer birding.

Birding Festivals in December
Celebrate the holidays with one of these December bird festivals. There may not be many events this month, but each one is a gift of fantastic birding to enjoy.

Birding Festivals in August
Late summer birding can be fantastic, and these birding festivals in August take full advantage of all the feathered fun. Use this comprehensive directory of August bird festivals to find the best event for you!

Birding Festivals in October
Complete directory of October bird festivals, including United States and worldwide events. Includes dates, locations and descriptions of each festival so you can make the most of all your October birding.

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