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Building Bird Houses

Building a bird house can be a fun project, and these tips can help make it an effective one by guiding you to design a bird house that is safe and appropriate for cavity-nesting species. From entrance hole sizes to safety tips to free bird house plans, this information will help you build the best possible bird houses.

Mailbox Bird House
Any birder can easily turn a mailbox into a bird house, and it's a great way to add quaint nesting space for backyard birds. Includes tips for cleaning and mounting a mailbox bird house.

Milk Carton Bird House
An easy project to turn a used milk carton into a new bird house. Includes tips for mounting and cleaning, as well as how to decorate the house if desired.

Simple Coffee Can Bird House
Got a coffee can? You've got a bird house! This simple project requires only minimal tools and just a few minutes to turn a large can into a rustic bird house. Includes tips for mounting the house and keeping it clean.

Teapot Bird House
It's easy to upcycle an old teapot into a new bird house. Learn how to make one of these quaint bird houses quickly and easily, with tips for mounting and cleaning as well.

Shoe Bird House
Upcycle old shoes into bird houses with these easy tips - a fashionable way to invite birds to stay in your yard!

Free Bird House Plans
There are many free bird house plans available online, and this list of resources includes tips for choosing the right plan and a selection of bird houses available for different species.

Bird House Kits
If you're nervous about building a bird house, bird house kits can be the solution. Easy to use and available in a wide range of sizes and styles, these kits are great for building bird houses.

Tools for Building Bird Houses
Make sure you have the right tools available before you get started building a bird house. This list can help you with the proper equipment.

Birdhouse Hole Sizes
Preferred birdhouse hole diameter sizes for common backyard nesting birds. Includes tips for how to increase or decrease hole sizes.

Fix Bird House Entrance Holes
Is the entrance to your bird house getting mysteriously wider? Learn why this happens and how you can repair the damage to keep birds safe.

Before You Build a Birdhouse
Tips for choosing birdhouse plans and online plan resources.

Bird House Dimensions
What size is the best size for your bird house? Learn the proper bird house dimensions for the most common backyard birds so you can build a house they will enjoy. Includes a table for the bird house measurements for the most common backyard birds.

Painting Bird Houses
Is a painted bird house safe for nesting birds? These tips can help you paint your bird houses in ways that will make them even better for birds by providing temperature control and camouflage to guard against predators.

Build a Birdhouse
Tips for choosing birdhouse plans and online plan resources.

Natural Bird House Decorations
Add flair and beauty to your bird house with easy natural decorations that won't endanger the birds but can turn a simple bird house into a work of art.

Pot Bird House Project
Turn an old pot into a new bird house with this easy project. Includes tips for how to keep the bird house attractive and safe, plus where and how to mount it properly.

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