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Flock of Turkeys


Flock of Wild Turkeys

Flock of Wild Turkeys

Greg Gilbert

Common Name: Wild Turkey, Common Turkey
Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo

Wild turkeys are gregarious birds that travel in small or medium sized flocks, usually with one dominant male and up to 20 or more hens that make up his harem. After chicks have hatched, the young birds will remain with the family flock until they reach their adult size and begin to seek out mates and territories of their own, and several hens might bring their broods to join in the same flock during the winter, creating flocks with 150 or more birds. In the backyard, a flock of turkeys - also called a rafter or gobble - can quickly empty multiple feeders and is not always a welcome sight for backyard birders.

Photo © Greg Gilbert

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