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The wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is an instantly recognizable and powerful game bird. Endemic to North America, these birds have been introduced in different areas worldwide and are often domesticated as poultry on farms, and they are popular as food and for hunting. These unique birds are even more entertaining in the field, however, and their characteristics and behaviors often surprise many birders who are only familiar with turkeys after they are roasted and served on a dining table.

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Wild Turkey - TomTom TurkeyWild Turkey - HenHen TurkeyWild Turkey - PoultTurkey PoultFlock of Wild TurkeysFlock of Turkeys
Wild Turkey in FlightWild Turkey in FlightWild Turkey in a TreeTurkey in a TreeWild Turkey in WinterWinter Wild TurkeyDomestic Turkey FarmTurkey Farm
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