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Sharp-Shinned Hawk Range Map


Sharp-Shinned Hawk Range Map
Sharp-Shinned Hawk Range Map

Sharp-Shinned Hawk Range Map

Melissa Mayntz

Common Name: Sharp-Shinned Hawk
Scientific Name: Accipiter striatus
Migration: Partial migrant. Populations in the northern and southern parts of the range migrate seasonally but an overlapping range is inhabited year-round.


Sharp-shinned hawks are agile forest hawks and the smallest North American accipiter. They prefer dense forests with coniferous trees for nesting, though mixed coniferous and deciduous forests are also suitable, as are forests with strong stands of Aspen trees. These birds can also be found along forest edges near urban and suburban areas, and they will visit backyards where feeders attract large numbers of small birds that are potential prey. Sharp-shinned hawks will perch in a promising area and wait for prey to approach unaware of the hawk's presence, or they will fly close to brushy areas to startle prey into flight. While normally solitary, these raptors can be spotted in large numbers during migration from appropriate hawk watch sites.

For more information, see the complete sharp-shinned hawk profile.

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