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Painted Bunting Range Map


Painted Bunting Range Map
Painted Bunting Range Map

Painted Bunting Range Map

Melissa Mayntz

Common Name: Painted Bunting
Scientific Name: Passerina ciris
Migration: Migratory; full population migrates seasonally.


Painted buntings are relatively common but reclusive songbirds that prefer dense scrub habitats, including woodland edges, overgrown agricultural fields and riparian corridors. They are most frequently found in areas that are neither too open nor too dense, and they show no strong preference for types of trees or plantings throughout their range, though scattered flowers and seed-bearing plants are essential as a food source. After the breeding season, these birds migrate to their winter range, but in the fall and winter vagrant sightings are regularly recorded far outside their typical range. These birds have even been recorded in Europe on rare occasions (not shown on map), but it has not been confirmed whether those sightings are true vagrants or escaped cage birds.

For more information, see the complete painted bunting profile.

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