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Chimney Swift Range Map


Chimney Swift Range Map
Chimney Swift Range Map

Chimney Swift Range Map

Melissa Mayntz

Common Name: Chimney Swift
Scientific Name: Chaetura pelagica
Migration: Migratory; full population migrates seasonally.


Chimney swifts are neotropical migrants that spend their breeding season in North America but migrate to South America in the winter. During both breeding and non-breeding seasons, these birds can be found in urban and suburban areas where tall chimneys are concentrated to provide adequate roosts. When foraging, these birds can be seen rapidly flying over open areas such as open water or grassland, or high above their roosting areas. In addition to chimneys, they have been known to roost in church steeples, and away from urban areas they may roost in upright hollow trees, tree cavities or caves.

Vagrant sightings of chimney swifts are occasionally reported in Alaska and Great Britain (neither shown on map), but such sightings are extremely rare and typically only occur during the fall migration season. In very mild years, some chimney swifts may overwinter in Florida.

For more information, see the complete chimney swift profile.

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