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Mountain Bluebird


Nevada State Bird

State Bird of Nevada - Mountain Bluebird


Common Name: Mountain Bluebird
Scientific Name: Sialia currucoides

Year Adopted as State Bird: 1967
Range in State: Statewide in high prairies, meadows and ranges, summers only in the northeastern part of the state
Shared With Other States: Idaho

Though the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs and votes in the state's schools selected the mountain bluebird as a preferred state symbol in 1930 and 1931, it would take more than three decades for the mountain bluebird to be officially designated as Nevada's state bird. These are the least easily seen of the bluebirds but are the most brilliantly blue, with the males sporting an allover bright blue plumage and females showing rich blue in their wings, rumps and tails.

Photo – Mountain Bluebird © nigel

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